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Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond (BABE)

Director: Luisa Passerini

The project intended to study intercultural connections in contemporary Europe, engaging both native and ‘new’ Europeans. These connections are woven through the faculties of embodied subjects – memory, visuality and mobility – and concern the movement of people, ideas and images across the borders of European nation-states. Memory is understood not only as oral or direct memory, but also as cultural memory, substantiated in various cultural products. Our study aimed to understand new forms of European identity as they develop in an increasingly diasporic world. Europe today is not only a key site of immigration, after having been for centuries an area of emigration, but also a crucial point of arrival in a global network designed by mobile human beings.

European Research Council

This project was funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant

1 June 2013 - 31 May 2018



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