Academic Year 2020-2021


Courses offered within the CIVICA framework

Seminars offered by the four EUI Departments

Seminars offered by the Department of History and Civilization 

First Term

October-December 2020

Second Term

January-March 2021


Intranet - Seminar registration required


The first and second years of the doctoral programme are based on a combination of coursework and research activities. Coursework is done through three types of seminars: 


Requirements for validating seminar participation

  • Read related seminar materials prior to attending class
  • Participate actively during seminars
  • Attend all seminar sessions
  • Register your presence on the lists circulated at each session. If there is a legitimate reason (e.g. illness, funded mission) for not attending a specific session:
    • inform in writing the supervisor, the professor(s) organizing the seminar and the administrative assistant responsible for that seminar
    • obtain written approval for the absence from the seminar before the session takes place (or immediately afterwards in cases of sudden illness)


Departmental Seminars (DS)

  • The Core Introductory Seminar is reserved for 1st year researchers and aims to promote a common culture of discussion and engagement among researchers from very different backgrounds. It consists of two parts: the first part introduces researchers to the fields of research of the Department and to its approaches, while the second part focuses on sources (investigating the use of archival and other primary sources, appropriate methods for the use of different types of source material, developing research questions and hypotheses in dialogue with the sources).
  • Other Departmental Seminars offer up-to-date views on current debates about methodology and the major historiographical trends. They are often co-taught and rotate in time. In academic year 2018-2019 the following will be offered: Gender and Sexuality, International History, Global History, Intellectual and Cultural History, History and Social Sciences. 

Research Seminars (RS)

  • Research Seminars address more specific themes that are at the crossroad of professors’ and researchers’ interests.
  • They are offered in 10 two-hour sessions once a week over one term or in the form of a block seminar (in blocks of two/four days).

Training Seminars (TS)

  • March Paper Seminars are structured around two periods: Early Modern History and Modern History. They are designed to introduce researchers to the basic practicalities of historical research, defining one’s agenda of research questions, evaluating existing historiography, structuring analysis and narrative, etc. These seminars provide a forum in which first-year researchers who are preparing their March Paper can present their sources, hypotheses and ideas to peers and professors in order to obtain critical feedback.
  • On demand, and if necessary, the Department can also provide support for Paleography, Latin or extra-European languages courses.
  • The Dissertation Writing Seminars constitute another type of Training Seminar and offer the opportunity to discuss research questions and methods when developing the doctoral dissertation. Dissertation Writing Seminars in the second term are reserved for second-year researchers, while the Advanced Dissertation Writing Seminar in the first term is especially aimed at third- and fourth-year researchers.

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