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Thesis Language Correction


In order to initiate the assessment procedure, researchers should send an electronic copy of the final draft in Word to the supervisor and their administrative assistant. When assessing whether the final draft is ready for defence, the supervisor must report one of the following to both the researcher and the administrative assistant:

  • thesis needs no language correction, or
  • thesis needs language correction.


Procedure for thesis language correction

Following the assessment, a corrector should be selected from the Language Centre's List of Correctors. One can also contact someone who is not on the list of correctors, but s/he must be approved by the English Unit before they begin work on the text. 

Once a corrector is selected, the researcher should:

  • complete and sign the Standard Agreement form with the corrector, stating that the thesis will be corrected within four weeks;
  • submit the Standard Agreement form to their supervisor’s administrative assistant for approval by the Head of Department;
  • once the correction has been completed satisfactorily, inform the administrative assistant and pay the corrector;
  • submit proof of payment to the corrector to the administrative assistant, who will then arrange for reimbursement.

Once the corrector has returned the corrected draft, the researcher will be asked to report on the quality of the correction through a short questionnaire with pre-formulated statements. The Language Centre can indicate correctors with particularly positive feedback. Language correctors who systematically fail to deliver corrections in time or who charge higher rates will be taken off the list of approved correctors. Please give your feedback by filling in the Thesis Editing Feedback form.

For language corrections of earlier drafts, and revisions in response to jury reports following submission of the final draft, researchers can use the List of Correctors provided by the Language Centre, but they will have to pay themselves for these services according to the rates specified above.

The same rules applie to the language correction of LLM theses.

Departmental contribution

If the supervisor determines that the Phd thesis needs language correction, then upon approval by the Head of Department, €5 will be allocated per 1000 words (excluding bibliography and data annexes) up to a maximum of 100,000 words (maximum contribution of €500). Any additional cost for language correction of theses with a word count greater than 100,000 must be paid by the researcher.

For the language correction of LLM theses, if the supervisor considers that the LLM thesis needs language revision, €5 will be allocated per 1000 words (excluding bibliography and data annexes) up to a maximum of 35,000 words (maximum contribution of €175)



Page last updated on 03 September 2021

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