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Workshop on Brexit

4 November 2016, Florence (Italy)


On 4 November 2016 the Schuman Centre in conjunction with the ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ initiative by the UK Economic and Social Research Council,  organised a workshop with the aim to explore a number of dimensions of the process from both the perspective of the UK and the future European Union of 27.


Session 1 - The People have Spoken

Chair: William Paterson, Aston University



Session 2 - Brexit means Brexit: What does that mean?

Chair: Stefaan De Rynck, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin




Session 3 - The Disunited Kingdom and Ireland

Chair: His Excellency Bobby McDonagh, Irish Ambassador to Italy



Session 4 - The EU at 27

Chair: Adrienne Héritier, European University Institute




Irish Ambassador to Italy Bobby McDonagh talks about Ireland's main concerns in relation to Brexit, in particular for the Peace Process in Northern Ireland and how to preserve the common travel area.


Anand Menon,  Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King's College London, speaks about how the recent Brexit ruling by the High Court can affect the way the UK will leave the EU.





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