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The overall objective of the project is to bring together international and interdisciplinary research teams for the purpose of forming a network for research and transfer of knowledge in the area of international migration.

Migration phenomena are similar across the world and there are many tools to investigate them that can be used successfully in various geographic areas. Promoting universal scientific approach, the project is going to trespass geographical and political fragmentation of this study area. Instead it will focus on commonalities across three migration systems:

  • European Union – Mediterranean countries
  • Russian Federation – Commonwealth of Independent States and Georgia
  • European Union – Commonwealth of Independent States   
    o   EU-Russian Federation
    o   EU- other CIS and Georgia

The exchange program will facilitate the following technical cooperation:

  1. Exchange of expertise as regards measurement of various types of money transfers and their impact;
  2. Exchange of expertise on researching criminal activities in labour market in various migration systems;
  3. Exchange of experience in analyzing of the factors determining the formation of the centres of labour gravity and sharing the methodology of estimating the dynamics of human capital flows.

Page last updated on 18 August 2017