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Working Groups

The Middle East Working Group

Directed by: Professor Olivier Roy

Over the last decade, the Middle East has acquired significant importance in international and European politics, and has increasingly attracted the interest of EUI scholars.

The Middle East Working Group provides a forum for sharing perspectives, research methodologies and work-in-progress to EUI researchers, fellows and professors whose research focus revolves around the Middle East and North Africa (including the area from Morocco to Afghanistan).

The Migration Working Group

Directed by: Professor Anna Triandafyllidou

Migration is a multidisciplinary field that has been strongly represented in the academic research of the EUI, in particular at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

Since several years, EUI researchers, fellows and professors working on projects related to migration and to the integration of immigrants meet in the Migration Working Group to discuss their research in an informal and creative atmosphere for interdisciplinary debate. Demography, social geography, anthropology, history, economics, law, sociology, and political science are among the key disciplines represented in the working group.




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