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Director's Welcome

RamonMarimonWelcome to the Max Weber Programme for postdoctoral studies at the European University Institute in Florence.

The Programme is funded by the European Commission (DG Education) and is the largest postdoctoral programme for young researchers in the social sciences.  

The Max Weber Fellows further strengthen the EUI's multidisciplinary research community of professors, graduates and postdoctoral fellows.

The Max Weber Programme provides a unique research and training environment for scholars in the early stages of their professional careers, with the support of a mentor from one of the EUI’s Departments. 

What makes the Programme unique is that, in contrast with existing postdoctoral programmes, it is an active and structured programme, and not narrowly focused on one specific research theme or discipline.

The first 7 cohorts of Max Weber Fellows (2006-20013) are proof of this intellectual and international diversity. Together they represent a broad range of social science research fields and 45 different nationalities, with an equal gender balance.

The Programme is part of a new trend in postdoctoral education in the social sciences where minimally structured programmes are proving more effective in the early stages of academic careers than the mere provision of space and time for individual research.

A Max Weber Fellowship is a stepping stone in the early development of a fruitful academic career; a career which requires excellence in both professional scholarship and research and communication.

The Programme is particularly suitable for those with the intellectual curiosity to take advantage of its diversity. Fellows are selected on the basis of their research and potential, their career interests and the availability of EUI faculty to provide mentorship.

Given the European emphasis, interdisciplinary nature and commitment to academic career advancement, it is quite proper that the programme eponym be Max Weber.

Thanks for your interest in the Max Weber Programme. Navigating through the MWP web pages you will find more information about the Programme.  

The deadline for the next call for applications is 25 October 2013

Professor Ramon Marimon
Director of the Max Weber Programme
European University Institute

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