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May 4: Open Day of the Historical Archives of the European Union

Posted on 08 April 2019

On Saturday 4 May 2019 from 10:00 to 18:00, the Historical Archives of the European Union will open their doors to the public to celebrate Europe Day and conclude the ninth edition of "The State of the Union". Children and adults can experience first-hand the European project and its cultural and historical heritage by participating in guided tours, circus activities, tastings, dances and concerts. All the activities on offer are free of charge. 

The 2019 Open Day  begins with dancing: the Combriccola TerpsiCore will perform in a quadrille (a square dance) at 10:45 and visitors will be invited to partake in a series of folk dances.

 In the spirit of Europe Day, special attention will be given to the younger generation. With Circo Europa it will be possible to watch and take part in circus activities thanks to the participation of Passe Passe and Circo Libera Tutti.

 Leonardo4Children will read the fables of Leonardo da Vinci, still exceptional 500 years after the death of the most innovative and famous inventor of all time. Leonardo4Children is a non-profit initiative that is committed this year to stimulating creativity and involvement by children and young Europeans in the field of science, by creating a cultural bridge between children from various backgrounds and with diverse opportunities available to them.

 It will be possible to discover the architectural and natural heritage of Villa Salviati thanks to the presence of art historians from the Città Nascosta Associationwho will guide you through the grounds, gardens and grottos until 5:00 pm. The guided tours will end with a visit to the underground repositories where the archival documents are preserved, accompanied by the archivists of the Historical Archives of the European Union. Due to the high number of participants, it will be necessary to register by contacting the Città Nascosta Association directly.

 Finally, in the park of the Villa sculptures by the artist Franco Berretti, selected by the curator of the exhibition Andrea Mello and linked to the environment, will be displayed.

 For music lovers, the REMUTO Toscana Regional Youth Orchestra will entertain the visitors with a series of performances in the early afternoon, and with two concerts at the end of the event.

 It will be a day of culture, enjoyment and discovery to which every visitor can contribute by participating: a fun experience for all age groups is guaranteed.


Visitors can access Villa Salviati on foot through the gates at Via Bolognese 156 and Via Faentina 261. Vehicles may enter the grounds through the gate at Via Salviati 3, but parking space is extremely limited.  Visitors on foot can also enter through this gate. We highly recommend taking public transport to arrive for the Open Day:

  • Take bus n°25 (Pratolino) and get off at the stop “Il Cionfo 01” on Via Bolognese.
  • Take bus n° 1A and get off at the stop “Salviati FS” on Via Faentina. At the bus stop, a dedicated shuttle service will be available for visitors with limited mobility.

 Visitors with limited mobility who are arriving by car (showing a disability sign) may enter the Villa through the gate in Via Bolognese 156, if they are accompanied by a driver. The driver must then exit the vehicle and park at one of the locations indicated below: 

  • Faentina Salviati Public Parking on Via Faentina, next to the bus stop “Salviati FS”.
  • Villa Salviati EUI Parking on Via Salviati 3 - parking space is restricted to 85 vehicles only; two slots will be reserved for vehicles with disabled parking permits.


The full programme of the event is available here, and all updates will be published on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

For guided tours with the Città Nascosta Association registration is recommended:

tel. +   email: [email protected]

For further information, please contact [email protected]