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Online training for school teachers

Posted on 29 May 2020

In the context of its educational programme and in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the HAEU’s education team is organising a series of online training sessions for school teachers. The project is organised in collaboration with the Direzione Istruzione del Comune di Firenze and with the participation of the EUI's Engaged Academics network.

The training sessions focus on the topics of the 2020 edition of the HAEU’s education programme for Italian schools: ‘Europa in movimento’. The programme is built around the free movement of persons and the dynamics and memories of mobility across the European Union. The online sessions aim at bringing together teachers and discussing issues the European Union is currently facing. The first sessions were held on 25 and 27 May with respectively 15 and 22 teachers taking part in the video conference.

Each session of this ongoing project consists in a one-hour video conference, divided in two parts: a 30-minutes presentation by the HAEU trainers and Engaged Academics, followed by a roundtable discussion with the participating teachers. Teachers have the opportunity to interact with others, debate, deepen their didactic experiences, and develop new teaching skills. The video conferences take place in Italian language.

 The full programme of this training cycle is available on the Chiavi della Città platform.

Interested teachers who wish to register are invited to contact the HAEU. The training sessions can be organized in English, French, Italian and Spanish languages, and adapted to subjects of specific interest of schools or school administrations. Contact the HAEU education team via email at: [email protected]