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HAEU Activity Report 2019 available

Posted on 30 July 2020

The HAEU activity report 2019 was published online as part of the annual activity report of the European University institute.

Over the year 2019, HAEU archivists treated, processed and published in the archival database 60,448 files, 90% of which belong to EU institutional holdings. Digitisation continued with 10,645 items digitised in 2019. These items have been uploaded and made available in the HAEU archival database.

The numbers of consultation in the reading room continued to grow and reached a new record with  1,044 research sessions, compared to 974 in 2018. The HAEU web platforms, which include the archival database and digital platform on the one hand, and the website containing news and user information on the other, received 297,460 visits from 198 countries.

The HAEU, through the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre, also played an active role in the editorial consortium of the multi-annual project on the history of the European Commission 1986-2000, which was finalised in 2019. Furthermore, a research project on the contribution and impact of the European People’s Party Group in the European Parliament on the European integration process was completed.

The HAEU hosted the third Annual Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration, organised in collaboration with the EUI Robert Schuman Centre and the two scholarly networks RICHIE (Réseau International de Jeunes Chercheurs en Histoire de l’Intégration Européenne) and HEIRS (History of European Integration Research Society). Moreover, the network of European Documentation Centres, coordinated by the European Commission, held its first ever conference for delegates of all EDCs in Florence and visited the Archives.

Finally, the education programme of the HAEU for the school year 2018/19 brought more than 950 school students from primary, lower and higher secondary Italian schools to Villa Salviati.

Download or read the full EUI Activity Report 2019 online.