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EU web archiving: New cross-lingual collection on European Elections 2019

Posted on 14 October 2020

A new cross-lingual web collection about the 2019 European elections, compiled by the Portuguese web archive with the collaboration of the Publications Office of the European Union, is now available for search here

This collection includes web pages written in 24 European languages ​​identified through automatic searches on the Bingsearch engine and based on the suggestions from 17 European countries. The Publications Office of the European Unionreviewed the list of search terms in the different EU languages, and the Portuguese web archive ‘Arquivo.pt’ then collected a vast number of pages related to the European Elections in several countries. The resulting collection titled ‘European Elections 2019’ consists in 99 million web files, representing 4.8 Terabytes of information. All citizens, and especially researchers, are invited to search this new cross-lingual and international collection documenting the European Parliament’s elections of 2019. 

The new collection was compiled in collaboration of the Publications Office of the European Union, which carries out regular web archiving to preserve the websites of the European Union. The EU web archive (EUWA) brings together the archived content of websites of EU institutions and the collections that date since 2013 are accessible on the platform Archive-IT.

The HAEU has been a partner in the development and implementation of a web archiving strategy for EU Institutions, and participates in the EU Institutional Working Group on Web Preservation. 

Web archiving ensures long-term access to the digital content produced as official and public communications by institutions, while it also captures their visual and virtual identity throughout time. It documents the history and life of institutions, and allows studying their communication strategies over time.

Search the ‘European Elections 2019’ collection at https://arquivo.pt/ee2019

Discover the EU web archives platform at https://archive-it.org/home/euwebarchive