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The HAEU promotes academic research on the history of European integration and cooperation.

To highlight research results obtained by using archival fonds deposited at the HAEU, publications, such as monographs and journal articles, are presented and listed here.

Please submit your proposal on highlighting a publication to: [email protected].

Europe's Cold War Relations: The EC towards a Global Role
The European Commission 1986-2000: History and Memories of an Institution
Femmes d’Europe : une revue communautaire pour une prise de conscience européenne (1961-1992)
The European ambition – The Group of the European People’s Party and European integration
Motor der Integration Europarechtsgeschichtliche Grundlegung der Europäischen Kommission
Euroscepticisms. The Historical Roots of a Political Challenge
Histoire de la construction européenne (1957-2015), Sources et itinéraires de recherche croisés, J. M. Palayret, I. Richefort et D. Schlenker (coord.), Archives diplomatiques, Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères, 2019.
Routledge handbook of European elections,edited by Donatella M. Viola, 2016
Global Development. A Cold War History, Sara Lorenzini, Princeton University Press, 2019
The informal construction of Europe, Lennaert van Heumen and Mechthild Roos, Routledge, 2019
Fallout: nuclear diplomacy in an age of global fracture, Grégoire Mallard, University of Chicago Press, 2014.
Alain de Benoist, the new right and Europe
Da Perugia a Bruxelles, un profilo di Fabrizia Baduel
The First EC Enlargement in 1973 and the British Referendum of June 1975
L’Istituto Universitario Europeo: un luogo di storia, arte e ricerca
Europe's New Fiscal Union
Gli archivi dei giuristi: alcune considerazioni introduttive
Europa in movimento : mobilità e migrazioni tra integrazione europea e decolonizzazione, 1945-1992
La politica europea e italiana di Piero Malvestiti
François Lamoureux, architecte de l'Europe / préface de Dieter Schlenker
The Historical Dictionary of European Integration
The History of the European Migration Regime : Germany's Strategic Hegemony
Current bibliography on European integration, a monthly online service of the library of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Ever Closer Union - The Legacy of the Treaties of Rome for Today's Europe
Un Parlamento oltre le nazioni
Werben für Europa


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