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Postgraduate Vibeke Sørensen Grant

The Vibeke Sørensen Grant scheme for visiting scholars was set up in 1993 by the then President of the European University Institute (EUI) Emile Noël with support of the European Commission.

The grant scheme adopted its current name in 1997 to honour the memory of Dr. Vibeke Sørensen (1952 – 1995), former researcher at the EUI History Department and staff member of the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU). As a researcher she completed in 1987 her thesis on Denmark's social democratic government and the Marshall Plan, 1947-1950 under the supervision of Prof. Alan S. Milward with whom she later collaborated on the collective volume The Frontier of National Sovereignty: History and Theory 1945-1992 (Routledge, 1994).

Vibeke Sørensen


The grant scheme aims at encouraging research on the history of European integration based on primary sources held at the Historical Archives of the European Union.


All current non-EUI postgraduate students are eligible to apply for a Vibeke Sørensen Grant.Candidates may not benefit from any other grant in the framework of inter-university programmes during the same period. Candidates are not eligible to receive a Vibeke Sørensen Grant more than once.

Vibeke Sørensen Grants are assigned by the President of the European University Institute upon the recommendation of the HAEU Director who appraises applications on the basis of the relevance to the research theme proposed.

Application Procedures and Deadlines

Candidates must submit their request for a Vibeke Sørensen Grant to the HAEU Director in English, French or Italian, which are the main working languages of the European University Institute. Applications can be sent by email. The application file should include:


  • A detailed presentation of the research proposal and a justification of the need to use the Historical Archives of the EU in Florence
  • Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s thesis director, or by the director of the relevant research programme
  • The planned dates of stay in Florence
  • Curriculum Vitae

For the year 2022, applications will be accepted and grants awarded for two separate time periods.

Deadlines for applications are 31 March and 30 June 2022.
All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by the HAEU Director.

Grant Awards

A maximum of ten Vibeke Sørensen Grants are awarded per year without obligation to award the maximum number of grants.The research time in Florence is to last one month. Successful candidates are obliged to be present in the reading room at least four days a week during their research stay.Successful applicants will receive a research grant of 1,380 € (one thousand three hundred eighty Euros) paid after submission of a short essay on the grant holder’s research to the HAEU Director.

Publications and Commitments

Grant holders shall submit to the HAEU Director a copy of publications (article, monograph) produced based on research carried out at the archives and acknowledge in their publication the Vibeke Sørensen Grant programme. 

Former grant holders (2015-2020)

MAZZA, Prospero Francesco
Antonio Cassese: il lato oscuro nell'universalità dei diritti umani in Europa

Dal Serpente monetario al Trattato di Maastricht. Le sinistre di Italia e Spagna alla prova dell'integrazione europea (1972-1992)

JAMES, Bertille
China and Europe in the Age of Globalisation (1978-1992)

Elemér Hantos et son approche régionaliste de l'intégration européenne : Mitteleuropa and Paneuropa pendant l'entre-deux-guerres (1922-1938)

The evolution of the federal ideas for an integrated Europe (Monnet, Spinelli and De Rougemont) through the study of European Commission President's speeches

CHALAZA, Vasiliki
European policies and disability politics: The European impact on the Greek disability agenda

DUBLER, Roslyn
Non-Discrimination and European Integration, 1975-1997

The Dark Side of Intimacy: the European Struggle against Intimate Violence, 1970-1997

KAOBA, Samuel
Les relations entre le Tchad et l'Union européenne de 1960 à 2016

LOMACKA, Magdalena
EU environmental protection and consumer protection legislation from the 1970s

MAZUR, Grzegorz
The European Union's trade policy towards the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) – a historical perspective

Staying Alive: The Anglo-New Zealand Relationship during Britain's joining of the European Economic Community, 1970-85

Related publication: Buttering up: Britain, New Zealand and negotiations for European Community enlargement, 1970–71, The International History Review, 43:2, 333-347

MORESE, Gaetano
Il Forum della Gioventù delle Comunità Europee (FGCE) - Youth Forum of European Communities (YFEC) 1978-1996

Related publication: “The youth side of cooperation”: lo Youth Forum of European Communities e la cooperazione con i paesi ACP, 1978-1996, Itinerari di ricerca storica, a. XXXV – 2021, numero 1, 179-199.

La politica europea della DC e della CDU tra gli anni Ottanta e i primi anni Novanta

BELLONI, Eleonora
Le politiche europee per la mobilità sostenibile

The reciprocal trade preferences in the EU-Africa relations in the perspective of historical institutionalism

LOKDAM, Hjalte Christian
The European Central Bank and the History and Political Theory of Central Bank Independence

The Impact of the European Union and its Cohesion Policy on the Development of Regionalist Parties - The Cases of France and Spain in Comparative Perspective

The origins of European space policy

L'idée d'Europe unie de la naissance de Giustizia e Libertà à la dissolution du Partito d'Azione

TREGLIA, Emanuele
"Europa es la solución". Il socialismo spagnolo ed il processo di costruzione europea (1986-1992)

Related publication: ¿Hacia una casa común? La Comunidad Europea ante las políticas de Gorbachov (1985-1988). Pasado y Memoria. Revista de Historia Contemporánea, 24, 2022, pp. 91-115. 

TULLI, Umberto
The European Communities, Human Rights and the Right to Development. From Negative Conditionality to the Promotion of the Human Right to Development

CAPISANI, Lorenzo M.
China and Europe: An Historical Perspective

SBETTI, Nicola
Se lo sport fa l'Europa? L'uso dello sport per la costruzione di un'identità europea

The tourism policy of the European Communities and the path to integration

L'Europa e la paura atomica: la riposta comunitaria ai movimenti antinucleari (1977-1987)

The meanings and interpretations of the « European State » by the EEC institutions

Early international aid and development programs in Europe. The emergence of a transnational network of economic experts (1940-1958)

Competing Continental Projects: European Unification through African Eyes (1945-1985)

BAIOCCHI, Francesco
La diplomazia degasperiana. Il ruolo e l'attività dei diplomatici italiani durante il periodo De Gasperi (1945-1953)

NAVIGATING SCHENGEN Historical Challenges and Potentialities of the Free Movement of Personsfrom European to Global Governance

JOUAN, Quentin
L'Européanisation des syndicats belges et allemands (1972-1985)

MAJASTRE, Christophe
Au nom du droit. Une approche sociologique des contestations juridiques del'UnionEuropéenne en Allemagne depuis 1992.

The prevention of corruption in public procurement procedures under European Union Law, specially focusing on the effects of the fourth generation of Directives recently approved (2014)

PAZIK, Przemyslaw
On both sides of the Iron Curtain. Intellectual history of Polish and Italian political Catholicism in comparative perspective, 1943 – 1954

L'identità politica della Socialdemocrazia occidentalea partire delle carte dei socialisti europei

REMES, Anastasia
Memory, Identity and the Supranational History Museum: The House of European History

Identifying with sinicized Human rights? EU-China Human Rights Diplomacy as a process of Symmetrical Socialization

TALAGA, Robert 

L'Assemblea dell'Unione Europea Occidentale e la politica aeronautica:la delegazione italiana tra collaborazione europea eofferta statunitense(1973-1985)

How have trade union strategies to influence world trade negotiations changed between 1973 and the present day?

MÜLLER, Henriette
The Commission Presidents and European Integration – Political Leadership Performance in Supranational Governance.

PUIG BAVIERA, Inmaculada

Understanding the "approximation of laws" in the context of the (de)dogmatisation of European law-making

The way in which the political legitimacy of the European Community, embodied by the technocratic style of governance of the High Authority, was contested by other Community institutions in the 1950s and 1960s.

EU-Latin America Dialogue on Territorial Development policies - historical evolution and sectoral interdependencies

The European Republic

DI SARCINA, Federica
Integration Européenne et «Question de Genre». La Contribution de Fausta Deshormes La Valle (1961-1992)

Putting ideas into action: Political determinants of the transformation of European Education policy (1975-2010)

CHHAK, Limchheang
La libre circulation des personnes, des marchandises, des services et des capitaux dans le marché commun de l'Union européenne: quelles perspectives normatives juridiques pour la création du marché unique de l'ASEAN?

La Puglia nel processo di integrazione europea. Lo sviluppo regionaledall'intervento straordinario alla politica di coesione (1958-1993)

ACCIAI, Enrico
Dall'antifascismo all'europeismo.Federalisti nell'Italia dell'immediato dopoguerra – Per una riflessione a partiredalle carte di Ernesto Rossi.

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