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Friends of the Historical Archives of the European Union

“Friends of the Historical Archives of the European Union” is an independent, non-political, non-profit association, founded on 29 November 2013, which gathers all those who wish to lend their support to the enrichment and knowledge of the Historical Archives of the European Union.

Statute of the Association(pdf)

The Objectives:

  • Bring together the largest number of individuals or the legal representatives of organizations or associations interested in promoting the use and knowledge of the historical archives of the European Union
  • Develop all activities which promote access to these records and make them accessible to the public (conferences, exhibitions, publications, historical and scientific works, granting scholarships and awards, etc.)
  • Initiate and encourage donations, deposits and patronage of the Historical Archives of the European Union
  • Facilitate, to its members, the access, consultation, reading and use for research purposes of the historical records from institutions, personalities and movements that contributed to European integration

The Board

President: Emmanuelle Ortoli, Archives depositor

Vice-president: Marc Willem, Director CEDEFOP’s Archives - Thessaloniki

Secretary: Sigfrido Ramirez Perez, Professor, Max Planck Institute- Francfort

Treasurer: Carlo Spagnolo, professor, University of Bari

Ordinary members: Elena Dundovich, professor, University of Pisa; Marinella Gualdesi, professor, University of Pisa; Jean-Marie Palayret, former Director of the Historical Archives of the EU.

Interested in joining?

Anyone interested in joining the Association is welcome. Download the membership form and follow the instructions.

Last events

Read the conference proceedings 'History of the European Parliament : research projects, sources and historical memory 1979-2019'

To contact us: [email protected]

Page last updated on 22/08/2022

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