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Library Research Data Guide (6th ed)


Data Guide cover 2018 high resThe 6th edition of the EUI Library’s Research Data Guide was published in 2018. New content and updates relate to: preparation of datasets for inclusion in the EUI ResData repository; management of research data during the project cycle; data protection and copyright; and compliance with EU research data requirements in Horizon 2020. There are ten sections:

  • 1.  Data discovery and the EUI Library Data Portal
  • 2.  Data protection, database copyright and ethical use
  • 3.  Data management plans (DMPs)
  • 4.  Managing data during the research project cycle
  • 5.  The EUI ResData repository: preserving and sharing data
  • 6.  Research Data in EU Horizon 2020
  • 7.  Open Data
  • 8.  Qualitative data in the humanities and social sciences
  • 9.  Infrastructure, software and support
  • 10. International research data guidelines

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