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Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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I loved the teaching class, loved the enthusiasm and positive energy of the teachers and loved the general atmosphere of the class. The teaching course will certainly prove extremely useful to my future teaching experiences!


The EUI teacher training helped me a lot when applying for a teaching position. I was competing with other Ph.D. researchers who had hundreds of hours of  teaching experience. The teacher training and putting it into practice at the EUI by organizing a seminar with my colleagues helped me answer the questions I was asked about teaching methods and pedagogy at the job interview, and be successful.



When I entered the classroom and saw about 20 people sitting in rows, I thought that this would be another routine training course. I was proven wrong in less than 10 minutes. My congratulations and warmest thanks for this. 



Teaching skills are increasingly important when applying for academic positions. In most academic positions you will combine research and teaching activities. Universities thus look for candidates who cover both an excellent research record (or the promise to develop an excellent research profile) but also Teaching experience and/or a formal certificate of teaching skills.
The ‘Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education’ is offered several times throughout the academic year. Participants who attend all the workshops, give a mock lecture, draw up and submit a course outline and give feedback on the outlines of three peers will obtain the EUI Teacher Training Certificate.
According to the EUI policy regarding teaching placements, all researchers who wish to go on external teaching placements organised by the EUI must have completed this training before the start of the placement.

How this Course Works

The course is a "full immersion" in the world of teaching and learning and consists of a pre-course task, a week of half-day workshops, 2 days of micro-teaching sessions and individual exercises on course design to be completed within approximately 6 weeks after the workshop week. It offers a theoretical approach to and practical knowledge of the most important issues that, according to current theories, teachers in higher education should take into consideration. In addition to the presentation of conceptual tools and strategies for good teaching and learning, some time will be allocated to practical exercises. For example, all participants will be asked to give a short lecture or seminar simulation which will be monitored and evaluated by their peers and the trainers. In the session ‘Designing University Teaching’, the drafting of a ‘course outline’ will be examined and after the workshop week, the participants will draft an outline independently and then have it evaluated by their peers. 
The training is supported by the e-learning platform "Brightspace".

What You Will Learn

At the end of the training course you will

  • have an understanding of the most important theories underlying teaching in Higher Education
  • have acquired the skills to start teaching
  • have a better understanding of the learning & teaching approaches underlying effective course design
  • have understood how different teaching and learning activities can support your teaching objectives

This course will provide you with skills to design a course proposal. Both the course proposal and certificate should form part of your portfolio when you apply for a teaching position.

Page last updated on 28 September 2021

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