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About the Academic Service

The Academic Service oversees and supports the applications, selection, and admission processes of Master’s students, early stage researchers (doctoral programme), fellows and professors.

The service administers the progress of Master’s students and Ph.D. researchers throughout their programmes, in close collaboration with the Academic Units and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

It offers academic skills and professional development courses to early stage researchers, organises international exchanges and teaching placements, offers language courses, and provides counselling and wellbeing services, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

The service collaborates with national and international funding authorities, and academic and research institutions across the world. 

The service is also responsible for the administration of committees related to the academic life of the EU such as the Doctoral Programme Committee, the Entrance Board, the Ethics Committee, the Harassment Committee and the Disciplinary Committee.


The Academic Service provides high quality, innovative, accessible and proactive services that support outstanding academic experiences within the EUI’s unique intellectual and research environment.

Committed to the principles of European pluralism, we foster cultural sensitivity and diversity to build and support a cohesive and vibrant EUI community.

We anticipate and evolve to meet changing needs.


The Academic Service contributes to the EUI Strategy 2019-2024 by working in partnership with the academic and service units to provide support for all academic administrative needs. Guided by high ethical standards and a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide timely and quality services, which are tailored to the specific needs of all our clients.


  • Intellectual curiosity and a desire to maintain the highest professional standards are the motivation to deliver excellence and innovation in services
  • We actively pursue pluralism in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion in all our programmes, policies and practices.
  • Our individual and collective integrity and rigour is driven by our quest for excellence and is underpinned by the highest ethical standards.
  • Open-minded thinking and a willingness to collaborate with other academic and service units allows us to respond flexibly and meet the changing needs of the EUI community.
  • Sustainability: We strive to align our services and work practices with the highest environmental standards, and to promote a culture for living sustainably

Page last updated on 09/02/2024

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