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Psychological Support and Wellbeing Service

The EUI Psychological Support and Wellbeing Service offers EUI members short-term individual psychological support, group workshops and training, referrals to external mental health services, and psychiatric consultation. Except for psychiatry services, all services are provided at no cost.*

We are aware that the academic environment is often associated with higher rates of mental health difficulties compared to the general population, as illustrated by literature and from our last service survey.

Our goal is to contribute to the wellbeing and mental health of EUI members by offering a professional service that helps you to manage a range of personal, professional, emotional and psychological concerns.

The service is open to any active member of the EUI community, from all departments and services, at all levels, from all nationalities and backgrounds. This includes PhD Researchers, LLM Students, STG Master students, Fellows, Academic and Administrative Staff, Trainee, Visiting Researchers and their partners.

The Psychological Support and Wellbeing Service is run by licensed psychologists experienced with a wide range of personal and academic issues. The service is confidential and act with total respect for your values, choices and lifestyle.

Sessions take place in English or Italian.

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but is a responsible way of taking care of yourself.

The Service is based at the Badia (rooms BF175 and BF202). The two rooms are located nearby the conference room called Theatre. At the back of the Theatre there is a small hall (Anti-theatre).  To the left of the hall there are toilets and stairs,  take the stairs and after a turn you will arrive at the Psychological Support and Wellbeing service.

*for PhD researchers and STG Master Students, the cost of the first Psychiatric visit is covered by the EUI

Page last updated on 03/03/2023

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