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According to the Section 1 in the Articles 51-54 of the Institute's Financial Rules, legal commitments can only be made after budgetary commitments have been made. 

 A visitor coming to the EUI is entitled to receive:

  • reimbursement of travel expenses on the basis of the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transport to and from the EUI
  • daily subsistence allowance(s) in the form of flat-rate payment to cover accommodation, meals and occasional local expenses

Before a visit

Before visiting the EUI or attending an event organised by the EUI you should provide necessary information to complete the Request for Invitation of Visitors. The Request for Invitation of Visitors is an administrative document authorising the visitor(s) to visit the EUI or to attend an event organised by the EUI. 

In the Request, full details of the planned visit must be specified to provide the Head of Unit with all of the necessary information they might need to sign the request in full knowledge of the facts. The request should be also accompanied by a rough estimate of the visit's cost.

The Request has to be compiled and approved in the reimbursement application: (Single Visitor Request).

The Head of Unit is the Head of Department/Service, the Co-Director of the Academy of European Law, the Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Dean of Postdoctoral Studies (for Max Weber Programme) and the Director of the School of Transnational Governance. 

Prior Authorisation

The Head of Unit can authorise:

a) in Florence – a daily allowance up to €200/day. Requests for a daily allowance above that ceiling has to be authorised by the Secretary General (SAR).

b) outside Florence – as indicated in Annex I of the EUI Missions Guide, a per diem that sums the daily allowance and hotel ceiling for the country where the event is taking place. This amount constitutes the upper limit that can be reimbursed.

The Secretary General has to give approval in following cases:

  • request for a higher daily allowance
  • air travel in business class or equivalent exception
  • Taxi ride costing more than €70
  • car parking at the airport for more than four days


After a visit

Once a visit has finished, you should submit the Expenses Declaration for Visitors on the reimbursement application: In the process of submission, you are also asked by the system to provide your bank details which are sent automatically to the Accounting Service. All personal data provided are protected and used to the scope of a visitor's consent exclusively. 

Inside the application, there is a manual describing the use of the Reimbursement Platform. 

As soon as the payment is sent to the bank, you will receive an automatic email confirming the reimbursement. 

Car, Taxi and Parking Expenses 

Unless absolutely necessary, the EUI advises against the use of a private, official or rented car due to the specific itinerary requirements. Travel by car is reimbursed at a flat rate of €0.28 per kilometre.

Taxi expenses are reimbursed up to a maximum of €70 per visit. The receipts for taxi travel must be submitted in originals.

Airport car parking expenses are reimbursed up to four days per visit.

Visitors for Thesis Defence - additional guidelines

For researchers

If you come to Florence on the occasion of your thesis defence, you should contact the relevant Departmental Assistant.

In order to claim reimbursement, you are asked to complete the Expenses Declaration for Visitors and submit it within 30 days after the defence.


For members of thesis defence committees 

Visitors who come to the EUI as members of the thesis defence committee should follow the same administrative procedures presented in sections “Before a visit” and “After a visit” above.


Special Provisions for Theses

The Head of Department can authorise a daily allowance up to €200 per day for visits related to external members of thesis committees. For the day of the thesis defence only, the Head of Department can authorise a daily allowance up to €400.

In exceptional cases, the Head of Unit can propose that a fee up to €200 (not a daily allowance – contract is not required) can be paid to external members of thesis committees who without being present at the EUI took part in the thesis' revisions/discussion. A fee of up to €200 can be paid to a thesis co-supervisor who cannot attend the thesis defence for reasons adequately justified.

For further details see the Decision 35/13 of the Principal




Page last updated on 31 May 2022

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