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Who is an Authorised Visitor?

  • Visiting professors (individuals)
  • Participants in workshops, conferences, summer schools
  • Jury members of thesis defences
  • Candidates and selection committee members in competitions for teaching and administrative staff vacancies
  • Experts, auditors, other committees' members

What is an Authorised Visitor Entitled to?

According to the Principal's Decision No. 56/17 authorised visitors are entitled to:

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses on the basis of the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transport to and from the EUI
  • Daily subsistence allowance(s) in the form of a flat-rate payment to cover accomodation, meals and occasional local expenses.

Request for Invitation of Visitors

The Request for Invitation of Visitors is an administrative document authorising the visitor/s to visit the EUI or to attend an event organised by the EUI.

It must specify full details of the planned visit and give the Head of Unit all the necessary information to sign it with full knowledge of the facts. Please provide a rough estimate of cost items already known.

The form must be filled in and signed by the Institute member making the request, and then sent to the Head of Unit for approval (or to the Secretary General if necessary).

Head of Unit means: Head of Department/Service, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Director of the Max Weber Programme, Director of the Academy of Law.

Prior Authorisation

The Head of Unit can authorise:

  • a daily allowance up to €200 for visits in Florence or according to the local ceilings set up in Principal’s Decision 55/17 for visits elsewhere - see an overview on relevant revision.
  • the use of a private, official or rented car for special reasons declared by the visitor.


The Secretary General has to give approval in special cases:

  • proposals for higher daily allowance
  • travel by air in business class or equivalent exception
  • taxi costing over €70
  • parking (at airports only) for more than 4 days

Financial Commitment (prior to event)

The relevant authorising officer by subdelegation will commit the estimated expenses upon receipt of the authorised Request for Invitation of Visitors, within the limit set by the Principal's Decision No. 56/17 

Note that, according to Articles 51-54 of the Institute's Financial Rules, legal commitments can only been made after budgetary commitments.

Declaration of expenses for visitors

The visitor must submit a (signed) Declaration of Expenses within 4 months of the date of the visit.

The form must be filled in and signed by the visitor, countersigned by the Head of Unit or  the inviting professor/secretary confirming the visitor's presence.

The Declaration of Expenses must be completed correctly. All relevant supporting documents should be attached. Taxi receipts must be originals.


The organiser the visit/workshop/conference must forward the Visitor's Bank Details Form to the Accounting Service for registration.

Data is exclusively used for the reimbursement of the expenses. For more information on EUI policy for the protection of data see the link to 'Data Policy' in the footer of this page. 

The relevant authorising officer by sub-delegation will pay the due amount into the bank account specified by the visitor.

Car, Taxi and Parking Expenses

The EUI advises against the use of a private, official or rented car, unless strictly necessary because of specific itinerary requirements. Travel by car is reimbursed at €0.28 per kilometre.

Taxi expenses are reimbursed up to a maximum of €70 per visit. Taxi receipts are required in original.

Parking expenses (at airports only) are reimbursed up to a maximum of 4 days per visit.

Special Provisions for Theses

The Head of Department can authorise a daily allowance up to €200 per day for visits related to external members of thesis committees.

For the day of the thesis defence only, the Head of Department can authorise a daily allowance up to €400.

In exceptional cases the Head of Unit can propose that a fee (not a daily allowance – no contract required) of up to €200 could be paid to external members of thesis committees who took part in the revision and/or discussion of the thesis without being present at the EUI, and a fee up to €200 could be paid to a thesis co-supervisor who cannot attend a thesis defence for reasons considered justified.


Principal's Decision No. 56/17 adopting general regulations for EUI visitors and establishing daily allowances.

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