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Adobe Fails to Make PDF Editable / Searchable


Adobe Pro (any version and platform) fails to make a PDF file editable / searchable (for example when following the OCR Tutorial).


Platform / Software Affected

The problem is platform independent thus affects Adobe (any version) both on Windows and Mac.


Technical Explanation

The problem lies in the file rather than in Adobe: depending on the software used to create the PDF and on the security/privacy settings applied upon creation, some PDFs may not be made searchable / editable.



A good work-around is to print the PDF and scan it again via the public MultiFunction Printers as PDFs created this way will always work.

Please check How to Scan from MultiFunction Printers for detailed instructions on how to Scan to PDF.

Another solution would be to use directly the built-in Scan to OCR function available on all MultiFunction Printers.

Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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