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eduroam Network Configuration for MS Windows Mobile 5.5, 6.x and 7


The below guide has been tested on Windows Mobile model HTC P3300 with MS Windows Mobile 6.5 thus may slightly differ on other models and OS versions:



  • Your PDA must be a 802.1x capable device. Please refer to your PDA vendor's Web site for details;

  • EUI's VeriSign Certificate may need first to be installed/imported into your Windows Mobile on your PDA. Please download the certificate using the following download button (authentication requested):

Download VeriSign Certificate

  • Wi-Fi must be turned on (depending on the brand and make of your PDA, either via hardware or software switch).
    Please Note: while you can configure your PDA in an uncovered area, you won't get feedback from the PDA indicating it's configured correctly, so you increase the possibility of making a mistake. 



Installing the Verisign Certificate

  1. Once the certificate (its filename is called DerVerisignTrust.cer) has been extracted from the downloaded, compressed .zip archive and copied onto your PDA [1], double-click on it once;
  2. Upon request, if you are using MS Windows Mobile 5.5 click on Yes, or click Other followed by Import if you are using MS Windows Mobile 6.x.


Configuring eduroam Network

  1. Go to any WiFi covered area at the EUI;
  2. Click on StartSettings then pick the Connections tab and finally click on the Wi-Fi icon;
  3. Your PDA will now start searching for wireless networks around you. You will know the device is detecting a network when, on the toolbar near the speaker icon and the clock, an antenna with a pair of arrows pointing left and right appears. If your device does not see a wireless signal, the arrows will appear with an "X" [2];

  4. In the Configure Wireless Networks window, select eduroam [3] from the network list, then click on menu Edit;

  5. In the Connects to field, leave the default setting, leave the ad hoc tick box unchecked and then click on Next;

  6. Set Authentication to WPA2 [4], Data Encryption to AES, check the key provided automatically tick box while leaving the rest as per default, then click on Next;

  7. Make sure the Use IEEE 802.1x network access control is checked and the EAP type set to PEAP, then click Finish;

  8. Depending on the brand and make of your PDA, you may now need to restart WM (turn your PDA off/on completely) before the wireless configuration changes properly take effect.


Connecting to eduroam Network

  1. Once the above steps have been done, go to any WiFi covered area at the EUI then click on Start, Settings, pick the Connections tab and finally click on the Wi-Fi icon.

  2. In the Configure Wireless Networks window, select eduroam from the network list, then click on Connect.

  3. On Windows Mobile 5.5 and 6.x, when prompted, enter your login credentials as follows:
    User name = your_EUI_username (e.g.: jsmith)
    Password = your_EUI_password
    Domain =
    You may as well want to check the Save password tick box in order not to be asked for your credentials in future.

If everything is configured properly, you should see a balloon appear while the PDA is connecting. When the balloon disappears, and if you do not immediately see an error message, you should be connected.

You can verify connectivity by tapping the wireless icon again: it should open a dialog balloon giving you signal strength and the length of time you've been connected, as well as a Disconnect and a Hide button. If you see that information, you are properly connected.






[1] = Depending on your PDA brand and model, you may do this either by mailing it, copying it onto your PDA's memory card or directly by downloading it from the Web through your PDA's built-in Web browser (Internet Explorer).

[2] = In an uncovered area, you will see the "X" even if you do this step properly!

[3] = If the eduroam network does not show up, first make sure you are in an area covered by the EUI wireless network, then click Add..., type eduroam in the Network Name field and proceed with step 5.

[4] = If WPA2 is not showing up in the drop-down list and you are using WM prior to version 6.x, please check your vendor for any available updates for your PDA and/or Operating System.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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