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eduroam Network


The EUI is a member of eduroam, an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other organisations and gain access to Internet using the same login credentials (username and password) of their home institution.

The level of access (Web, Email, Library Catalogue, etc.) a visitor has, is determined by the host organisation.

The level of access to your home university's ICT resources (VPN, Intranet, etc.) depends as well on the host organisation.

More information about the eduroam network can be found at


Information on using eduroam:

EUI Staff and Researchers visiting another Institution

  • before visiting an institution, check whether they participate in eduroam. A map of members is available on eduroam's site;
  • the host institution may restrict your ability to access some of EUI's ICT services. Please check the institution's website for details of access level available;
  • IMPORTANT: Login details for eduroam differ from standard EUI ones by having a different domain:

    Username = your_EUI_username

    Password = your_EUI_password

    Domain = (instead of iuedom)


    Depending on your OS and connection client, the domain can be added in a specific "Domain" field (if available) or (if missing) it can be appended to the username in the form:

     [email protected]


    Please Note: this is NOT your EUI's E-mail address and/or you should NOT use your EUI's E-mail address to authenticate to eduroam!


Visitors to the EUI

  • your home institution must be a member of eduroam;
  • eduroam is only available via portable, wireless-enabled devices (i.e. eduroam access is not available on EUI PCs such as in offices and computer rooms);
  • access is available in all WiFi-covered areas;
  • you must obtain your eduroam login credentials and configure your device at your home institution before visiting the EUI;
  • for the level of access at the EUI via eduroam, please check Active Protocols and Services page;
  • visitors to the EUI using eduroam are not entitled to access the EUI Library’s licensed e-resources.


Configuration Instructions (only for EUI members)

EUI members can find below detailed configuration instructions for the most common Operating System and devices.

Visitors to the EUI should follow their home institution instructions as configuration may vary.



  • EUI Researchers and Staff with personally owned devices should contact the Portable Device Support
  • EUI Staff with an EUI service laptop should contact the EUI Helpdesk
  • Visitors to the EUI should contact their home institution

Please find below some hints which may help you solving authentication problems whilst at the EUI:

  • EUI uses WPA2 Enterprise (WPA2/AES) encryption: if your institution uses WEP and/or WPA/TKIP encryption for its eduroam network, you must change the encryption method accordingly;
  • you must include your institution's eduroam domain name when authenticating. Please note that this may vary from your E-mail domain or usual login domain!
  • access is restricted to one simultaneous connection per account;
  • if your OS/device is unable to automatically configure the connection for you or stops working, you may need to re-configure it manually. Do so by using the provided connection details;
  • for EUI members: please ensure your authentication domain is correctly set to and/or login is correctly set to [email protected] (e.g. [email protected]).


Terms and Conditions

Users of eduroam at the EUI must abide by the terms and conditions described in the Italian Eduroam Federation Policy and by EUI's IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).



Page last updated on 30 July 2019

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