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Doctoral Supervision at the EUI

Doctoral supervision is a core activity of the European University Institute. The excellence of the EUI as a whole depends on the excellence of its core activity – the preparation of the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral supervision at the EUI is regulated by chapter 10 of the Academic Rules and Regulations and guided by a Code of Practice that sets out a basic framework for the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee. The quality of doctoral supervision among doctoral candidates is assessed during the third term of each academic year by means of a written questionnaire that fully respects the anonymity of respondents. 


Good Doctoral Supervision Practices at the EUI:

At the very beginning of the supervisory relationship, and at various intervals thereafter, the Professor and the researcher should discuss their mutual expectations and agree on how the supervisory relationship will proceed, taking into consideration important academic timelines and the academic development plans of individual researchers.

All important decisions that concern the thesis (e.g. missions, choice of co-supervisor, change in topic or methodology) should be taken only after discussion and by mutual agreement.

Researchers are expected to submit their written work to the supervisor and can expect to receive substantial and timely feedback from the supervisor.

Supervisors are expected to support their supervisees through:

  • Regular face to face meetings, normally once a month. Communication by email or skype can complement such meetings, but should substitute for them only if either the supervisor or the supervisee is not present in Florence
  • Academic guidance on the development of the thesis (such as methodological guidance; general guidance on the structure and style; planning and the timetabling of work).
  • Guidance and advice on courses and skills programmes at the EUI and elsewhere.
  • General advice and assistance in the pursuit of an academic (or non-academic) career.
  • Support and advice with problems that may not be directly related to the thesis, yet have an important impact on the thesis work, (i.e. a problem concerning personal welfare). 

  • useful guidelines developed by the LAW department in collaboration with the Researchers Reps: “general recommendations: first meeting between supervisor and researcher”.

Concerns about relationships with the supervisor can be discussed with the Director of Graduate Studies in their academic department or with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Alternatively, click here if you want to send confidential comments about doctoral supervision that will be seen only by the Dean of Graduate Studies or to the Director of Academic Service, if the Dean is the supervisor.

Page last updated on 08 November 2022

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