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Canteens and Bars

The canteens and coffee bars at the Badia Fiesolana, Villa Schifanoia, Villa La Fonte and Villa Salviati provide lunch, snacks and coffee and are open Monday to Friday except for EUI holidays.

The following information is available online: 


Canteens Opening Times

(From Monday to Friday)

  • Badia Fiesolana 12.00-14.30 
  • Villa Schifanoia 12.00-14.00 
  • Villa La Fonte 12.00-14.00  
  • Villa Salviati 12.00-14.00 
  • Palazzo Buontalenti 12.00-14.00

Coffee Bars Opening Times

(From Monday to Friday) 

  • Badia Fiesolana 8.30-18.00 
  • Villa Schifanoia 8.30-15.30 
  • Villa La Fonte 8.30-17.00
  • Villa Salviati 8.30-16.30 
  • Palazzo Buontalenti 8.30-17.00

Methods and means of payment

Payments in EUI canteen and bar facilities can be made by cash or using your EUI card, that can be topped up at any cash desk across the Campus (also by debit/credit card).

Credit on your EUI card will be left as long as you maintain your EUI affiliation: please note that credit available on your card cannot be redeemed for cash, but only in food and drinks. 

We remind you that any credit left on your EUI card after your affiliation expires will automatically be reset and it will not be possible to claim for any reimbursements. We therefore recommend to make sure you spend your credit before leaving the EUI.


Please note:

Starting 1 September 2019 canteen prices have been indexed according to users' income into three different categories on the basis of the solidarity redistribution principle, as illustrated here.

The categories correspond to the following EUI statuses/grades:

 Categories for canteen prices

Please note that the category is associated to the EUI ID CARD: presenting the card upon payment is therefore essential, otherwise the maximum price (C category) will have to be charged.

We hereby confirm that all personal data are treated and processed in compliance with the rules and principles of the Institute’s Data Protection Policy.


Service Organization

The Real Estate and Facilities Service is responsible for the overall running of the canteens and bars. The service is outsourced to a catering company, Hoster Food, that has been just awarded the tender launched in 2022 (Contract starting on 9 January 2023).

Further details about the service provided by Hoster Food can be found here.

Comments about the canteens & coffee bars can be sent by mail to the Restaurant Committee or by filling in the Restaurant Feedback Form

For questions concerning catering services for events or conferences please contact Gloria Peruzzi.



Page last updated on 09 September 2019

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