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EUI Catering Services

Villa Viviani has been awarded the contract for the management of EUI Catering Services in 2019: the service is provided to adults (researchers, faculty, administrative staff, guests and visitors) and to children enrolled in the EUI crèche, aged between 4 months and 3 years.


Ms Francesca Falai is the supervisor in charge of all EUI canteens (Badia Fiesolana, Villa Salviati, Villa Schifanoia and Villa la Fonte) and catering services. 

Service Description

Villa Viviani manages both canteens and catering services across the Campus (working lunches, buffet lunches, tea and coffee breaks, fully served luncheons, lunch boxes, gala dinners, drinks, cocktail receptions, drink and snack services at meetings, barbecues....).

The company's highly trained and specialized staff take care of every detail, from the menu selection to the setting.

The Catering Service can also provide special kosher or halal menus.

A complete list of catering services offered by Villa Viviani is available here

Please note: new prices for catering services available as of 15 July 2022


Quality standards

Canteens, Coffee Bars and Catering Services observe the quality standards set up by the EUI. Special care is devoted to the selection of raw materials and to the eco-sustainability of all aspects of the catering activity.

In preparing the dishes, the kitchen staff uses for the most part fresh, seasonal produce, sourced via the shortest production and distribution chain, provided with quality certification and in full observance of all traceability principles. Vegetables are fresh and seasonal, sourced mainly from organic farming. The major suppliers used by Villa Viviani are local farming cooperatives, such as Azienda Agricola Testalepre and Azienda Agricola TerraLuna, based in Greve in Chianti. All desserts, sweet pastries and savouries sold in the Coffee Bars are produced fresh every day by the historic Florentine pastry confectioner Nencioni.

The entire process of preparing and distributing the food served at the Institute’s Canteens is governed by Regulation (EC) no. 852/04 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, implemented through a handbook for in-house self-regulation, as envisaged in the guidelines for the best hygiene and operational practices issued by FIPE (Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi).  

The sourcing of raw materials is done through a very careful selection, classification and quality assessment process of both products and suppliers. Products with quality certifications (such as Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication, Guaranteed Traditional Specialty) are bought almost exclusively from certified producers.

No products including genetically modified organisms are bought, or ones having been subjected to transgenic treatments; the use of frozen materials is limited to cases of absolute necessity. 

Menu Composition

The menus are drawn up bearing in mind both the international background of those using the services and the traditions and resources of Fiesole and Tuscany; they also follow the Guidelines of the National Nutrition Institute. All menus are overseen and approved by a nutritionist dietician, working as a consultant for Villa Viviani.

Every daily menu includes special dishes for diabetics and for people with gluten intolerance, as well as for vegetarians and vegans.

To ensure a satisfactory variety of recipes, menus are rotated every 6 weeks. With the new contract starting September 2019, a four-seasons menu has been introduced (Fall = September, October and November), Winter (December, January and February), Spring (March, April and May) and Summer (June, July and August), to enhance the use of seasonal produce.

Every day the menu includes dishes suitable for most medical conditions, such as food cooked without any kind of seasoning, including plain grains and cereals, plain boiled legumes or rice, cooked and raw vegetables.

At the Canteens and the Coffee Bars there always is food suitable for people with gluten and lactose intolerance.

To ensure that the contents of each dish included in the day’s menu are easily understood – enabling users to observe their individual diet – the detailed nutritional description of each dish is given in the menu. Each of the Canteens also displays the list of ingredients in every dish served, including information on known allergens.

The menus always include international dishes, vegetarian dishes and typical foods from the Tuscan tradition and other Italian regional cuisines, using ingredients sourced prevalently from local markets, and prepared with a variety of cooking processes.



Children's Food

Meals served to the children enrolled in the EUI Creche are prepared using at least 60% of raw materials certified as Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and/or Guaranteed Traditional Specialty, and produced by organic farms. Bread is baked exclusively using organic products.

The following products are always entirely organic: fruit juices, fresh fruit, yoghurt, biscuits, baby biscuits, bread, sweet bread rolls, Tuscan schiacciata, jam, chocolate spread, honey.

Parents and/or teachers may request special diets to be provided for children with specific medical conditions, or special meals in observance of ethical-religious principles.

All special diet requests for children in the Creche must be submitted on a special Form and sent to [email protected], attaching the doctor’s certificate.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Villa Viviani is fully committed to environmental protection. In order to reduce the environmental impact of its services provided at the European University Institute, it has adopted and implemented the following actions:

  • use of metal cutlery – instead of disposable plastic – packaged in recycled paper;
  • use of reusable packaging and/or products made from recycled materials;
  • use of washable and sterilisable straw placemats, instead of paper mats;
  • providing table sets for salad dressing (oil, vinegar, salt and pepper) in all Canteens, instead of individual dressing packets;
  • use of a completely biodegradable and compostable material, Mater.Bi, as packaging for takeaway meals;
  • supply in every Canteen of “Iobevo” automatic beverage dispensers, open 24/7, to provide fresh water at all times, thus eliminating the use of plastic bottles, cans, etc;
  • separated waste collection of all items consumed in the EUI’s Canteens and Coffee Bars, implementing the waste separation procedures envisaged by current legislation;
  • Use of electric vehicles for meals transportation.

Internal Control

The company Villa Viviani is monitored by an  Accredia accredited laboratory, listed in the Regional Register of Laboratories monitoring self-regulation, a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified entity which regularly analyses and controls all production processes.

All staff members involved in providing the Catering Services for the EUI regularly attend in-service training courses on health and safety in the workplace and specific courses on food safety and/or update courses organized by a company specialized in planning and managing continuing education programmes.

In order to verify the quality level of the raw materials used to prepare the dishes served in the Canteens and the preparation processes themselves, the EUI performs sample inspections and laboratory tests, on a monthly basis and without warning. These inspections are carried out by IISG, an independent UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company. 


Page last updated on 13 July 2022

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