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Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations

If you need specific help on language or academic skills in English, Italian, German or Spanish, you can book an appointment with a Language Centre teacher.  

Most individual consultations are one to one, but you can also ask for a consultation for more than one. For example, if you are co-authoring a paper, both authors could attend the meeting.

Individual consultations may be a one-off, or you may make a series of appointments.  

Individual consultations are open to all members of the EUI.


What you can ask for advice on:

During an individual consultation you can ask for advice on anything pertaining to language or academic skills. The teacher will be able to help you or suggest who you might contact for further assistance.

  • language questions ranging from grammar to vocabulary to pronunciation
  • academic writing ranging from research papers to conference abstracts to writing emails
  • academic presentations ranging from conference presentations to job talks to slide preparation
  • teaching skills ranging from curriculum preparation to teaching practice
  • the job search ranging from CVs and cover letters to grant proposals to interview skills
  • time management ranging from how to get your paper written to effective language study 
To book an individual consultation, send an email to:
English Sharon McCulloch, or Lewis Driver, or Benjamin Carver
Italian Gaia Pieraccioni
German Silke Tork
Spanish Edurne Iraizoz

Page last updated on 27 February 2024

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