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Academic Reading Preparatory Course (HEC & SPS A1+/A2)

Italian 204

Academic Italian HEC & SPS

CEFR level A1/A2

HEC & SPS researchers; fellows; research assistants

Length of course

16 hours




Place & Instructor


Gaia Pieraccioni

The course is addressed to HEC & SPS researchers with an elementary knowledge of Italian (A1+/A2) who are interested in improving their reading skills of academic texts in Italian.

This preparatory course introduces participants to the textual structure and linguistic elements of Italian academic texts. It provides the essential tools to improve global comprehension of such texts. 


Learning Outcomes



By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the underlying structure of the academic text, particularly by recognizing the key words, key concepts, and relationships between parts of the text
  • Recognize (passive knowledge) the most frequent grammatical structures of the academic text, and understand their function
  • Deconstruct complex sentences in academic text
  • Understand a broad spectrum of specific vocabulary

Course content

Course materials are provided by the EUI Italian Unit


The coursework focuses on teaching you to recognize the form and understand the function of the structures below in a written text; you are not expected to use these structures actively (speaking and writing)

Linguistic structures typical of the academic text

  • impersonal form
  • past tenses
  • passive form
  • the function of the gerund and the infinitive
  • most frequent conjunctions, pronouns, expressions typical of academic discourse
  • complex sentences


  • lexical collocations
  • frequent prefixes and suffixes in academic writing
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • nominalization
  • figurative expressions


  • General and specific reading strategies in a foreign language to facilitate the global comprehension of a text
  • Comprehension strategies between languages
  • Meta-cognitive strategies

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