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Summary of Conditions of Employment and Benefits for Research Fellows & Academic Assistants

  • Annual leave entitlement of 2 days/month for full-time contracts (proportionally reduced for part-time contracts), to be taken in agreement with the supervisor and an average of 17 days of EUI holidays per year;
  • Flexible working hours to be agreed with the supervisor
  • EU Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme for contract holder and dependent  family members
  • Accident and occupational disease insurance coverage for contract holder
  • Travel Expenses on Entry/Termination of Service (if place of recruitment different from Florence)



With an initial contract stipulating at least 12 months of service, or when the renewal of a contract leads to extending the uninterrupted period of service beyond twelve months (in the latter case allowances set in after 12 months of contract have been exceed), subject to verification on the basis of the Conditions of Employment of the Teaching Staff and upon presentation of relevant supporting documents:


  • Installation allowance (if the place of recruitment is distant more than 70 km from Florence)
  • Expatriation or foreign residence allowance of 16% or 4%, depending on circumstances
  • Household allowance
  • Dependent child allowance
  • Pre-school allowance (for children  under 6 not yet frequenting primary school)
  • School allowance (for children under 26 in paying primary or secondary schools or frequenting full-time an establishment of higher education)
  • Termination of service allowance from the beginning of the contract
  • Resettlement allowance (upon specific conditions)


Salaries and allowances are exempt from national taxation in Italy and in the EUI Contracting States, but are subject to a tax (deducted at source) for the benefit of the Institute.

Page last updated on 03 February 2017