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Rules & Regulations

Administrative staff

  • Staff Regulations applicable to Permanent Staff Members and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the EUI (pdf)
  • Statuto applicabile agli agenti permanenti e regime applicabile agli altri agenti dell’Istituto (pdf)
  • Statut applicable aux agents permanents et régime applicable aux autres agents de l’Institut (pdf)

Teaching staff

  • Conditions of Employment of the Teaching Staff of the EUI (pdf)
  • Regime del personale insegnante dell’Istituto (pdf)
  • Régime applicable au personnel enseignant de l’Institut (pdf)



The English version is the latest updated consolidated version of the above documents. The translations into French and Italian of the original documents in English have not been authenticated. Therefore, only the English version is to be considered valid.

Page last updated on 04 September 2023

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