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Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships

Programme Start Date





Badia Fiesolana ,

Villa Salviati ,

Villa La Fonte

Application Deadline:
30/09/2024 14:00 CEST

Conditions of Award

Duration and Residence
The fellowship lasts up to 10 months. Candidates must indicate their intended length of stay in the application but the hosting department may propose a different and/or shorter period to successful candidates subject to available funding. Fellowships are not normally awarded for the months of July and August.

Fellows must live in Florence for the duration of the fellowship so that they can take an active part in the academic activities of their Department.

Stipend and Taxation
The monthly stipend is € 3,000. The amount of the grant for successful applicants whose normal place of residence is within 90 km of Florence will be fixed at a lower rate.

The fellowships are not taxed by the Institute. Fellows are, however, required to comply with any tax provisions which may be applicable to them.

Medical Insurance
Fellows must have adequate medical insurance cover during their stay at the Institute. They can either provide proof of their own insurance scheme or subscribe to the EUI's private sickness and health insurance scheme at their own expense. See the Cigna Insurance Scheme for conditions.

Travel and Removal/Installation Expenses
There is no provision for travel expenses.There is no provision for removal or installation expenses.

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