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Cigna Group Medical Insurance Policy


General Information

The EUI has a group medical insurance policy with Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe NV/Cigna International Health Services BVBA (Policy Nr. 910.K62).

Cigna International Health Services BVBA, Plantin en Moretuslei 299 - 2140 Antwerpen (Belgium)



For questions related to premiums, affiliations, membership cards and insurance certificates:

For questions related to claims:

Cigna offers a worldwide basic insurance coverage which follows the academic year, i.e. from 1st September to 31st August.

Premium rates for the Group Medical Cover and Group Dental Cover


New Premiums 2023-2024

Premiums 2022-2023

Premium group

Basic cover

Basic cover

Ph.D. researchers, LL.M researchers, MRes researchers, visiting researchers and fellows, STG fellows, STG Master Students, post-doc fellows and trainees, and their Dependents who are at least 18 years old



116.13 EUR



92.90 EUR

Dependents who are less than 18 years old

58.09 EUR

46.47 EUR

Part-time professors, part-time assistant professors, and dependents of other members of the Policyholder’s statutory members, who are not eligible for JSIS


263.21 EUR


210.57 EUR

Dependents of part-time professors and part-time assistant professors who are at least 18 years old

116.13 EUR

92.90 EUR

Other visitors

263.21 EUR

210.57 EUR

Kindly note that premium indicated above are per person, per month.


NB: Premium rates may be subject to annual adjustments as of 1st September of each academic year.

Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement Conditions

Medical expenses are reimbursed according to the Table of Benefits (2023-2024).

N.B. You are advised to read carefully the clauses regarding the ceilings of reimbursements.

Starting from the academic year 2022-2023 outpatient treatment at a psychologist/psychiatrist will be reimbursed at a rate of 80% with a maximum reimbursement of 70 EUR per session and a maximum of 60 sessions per 12 months.

In addition to the basic Group Medical Cover, researchers and fellows may also wish to consider the Cigna Supplementary Cover. For more information please visit Cigna Supplementary Insurance.

How to Subscribe

The insurance premium for the Basic medical insurance scheme provided by Cigna can be either at your expense or paid by your national funding authority or by the EUI.

  • Your Cigna Basic medical insurance is paid by your national funding authority if you receive a grant from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom, The basic premium will be paid by the respective national grant authority through the Institute. Some funding authorities also provide an insurance cover for dependent family members of their scholarship holders. For more information on your insurance conditions, please contact Health Insurance mail account, Academic Service.
  • Your Cigna Basic medical insurance is at the expense of the EUI if you are a Ph.D. researcher holding an EUI scholarship (EUI doctoral fellowships, EUI 4th year grants, EUI project-funded grants), if you are a 1st year researcher funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the framework of the "Grants for Foreigners" Programme and if you are a French-funded researcher holding an EUI contract (cohort 2019 and later). For more information on your insurance conditions, please contact Health Insurance mail account, Academic Service
  • In all the other cases where the medical insurance is not paid by the funding authority, the insurance subscription is at the expense of the EUI member. The relevant procedure (enrolment and payment) must be dealt directly with Cigna by sending an email to [email protected]
  • SUBSCRIPTION DEADLINE FOR SELF-PAYING INSURED: Please note that the subscription deadline for self-paying EUI members is effective on the last day of the month of arrival at the EUI. For example if your EUI membership starts on 1 September your subscription deadline as a self-payer is effective on 30 September. From 1 October you are therefore no longer eligible to apply for a Cigna medical cover under the EUI medical plan.

Online Platform (Personal Reference Number, Username and Password)

All EUI active members eligible for subscribing to Cigna receive an email from the insurance company with a Personal Reference Number and information on how to proceed with the enrolment. If your medical insurance is paid by your funding authority, the enrolment is automatic but you can, nevertheless, access your personal area to verify your details, to enroll your dependents (if applicable), and/or to subscribe to the Cigna Supplementary Insurance scheme at your expense.

If your basic medical insurance is not paid by your funding authority, the enrolment is at your expense and facultative. The insurance subscription and payment procedure is to be carried out directly with Cigna through the Online Platform, following the instructions you receive from the company.


Insurance Cards

Policyholders are entitled to receive an insurance card. An electronic version of the card can be requested by sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected]


How to Request a Reimbursement

The reimbursement of medical expenses must be claimed within 12 months from the date stated on the medical bill:

Online Reimbursement Procedure 

The online claim for reimbursement of medical expenses is available only after your enrolment has been completed. To submit an online claim, please access your personal Cigna account (under ‘Claims’).

N.B. When claiming reimbursement online, you are advised to keep a copy of your claim form and the originals of your medical bills for at least two years.

Reimbursement Procedure by Postal Mail

If you have subscribed to the Cigna policy but are not yet in possession of a Cigna card, personal reference number and/or password, you can still claim your reimbursement by post.

Please download, complete the  Cigna Claims Form nd send it, together with the originals of your medical bills to:  Cigna • P.O. Box 69 • 2140 Antwerpen • Belgium 

N.B. You are advised to keep a copy of the request form and of all medical bills for at least two years.


Insurance Certificates

Cigna Plan members can download an Insurance certificate through their personal Cigna account (under ‘My plan’).

For more specific health insurance certificates please contact by email the Academic Service.


General Practitioners who have an agreement with Cigna

The EUI is not responsible for the agreements or for any incorrectness the list may contain.


Page last updated on 14 May 2024

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