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Master of Research in Economics

Programme Start Date





Villa La Fonte

Application opening date:
01/11/2023  [Add to calendar] 2023-11-01 2023-11-01 Europe/Paris Master of Research in Economics - European University Institute Florence, Italy YYYY-MM-DD

Application deadline:
30/04/2024 14:00 CET

How to Apply

You must submit your application and all required documents via the interactive online application form by the relevant deadline.

  1. 1st round of applications: The deadline was 31 January 2024.
  2. 2nd round of applications: The deadline was 15 March 2024.
  3. 3rd round of applications: For Self-Funded candidates and candidates applying for funding from the Polish, EUI Widening Programme and Italian Ministry of F.A.'s Grants for Foreigners Programme (see Funding and Fees). The deadline for completing the application form and for the submission of references and all required documents is: 30 April 2024. Applications may be submitted until 14:00 (CET) on that day.

There are two distinct phases in the application process:

1. Register as early as possible

You are encouraged to register, inserting your personal and referee details as soon as possible. This is important to allow sufficient time for your referees to submit the reference letters before the deadline. Reference letters will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. Complete and submit your application by the deadline

Once you have registered you may continue to work on your application (including required documents) until the deadline. Submit the application only when you have filled in all the information correctly and have successfully uploaded the final version of the required documents. Please note that reference letters can be submitted by the registered referees (before the deadline) even after you have submitted your application.

By registering/submitting an application, you give your consent for processing the data as specified in the Privacy Statement for Application and Selection Procedures for EUI Post-Graduate Programmes and in accordance with the EUI’s Data Protection Policy outlined in the Decision of the President No. 10 of 18 February 2019 (EUI Data Protection Policy)


Degree Requirements

The minimum degree requirement for admission is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (EQF level 6) to be completed before the start of the academic year (i.e. 31 August). Considering the advanced level of the MRes programme, a master's degree is recommended.

Language Requirements

The expected level of English proficiency is level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Applicants are required to submit an English international language certificate to demonstrate their level.

  • Candidates who speak English as a first language or who have written their thesis in English for completion of a degree from a university programme entirely taught in English are exempt from submitting a certificate of English proficiency.
  • Candidates who submit a certificate with a test score below the threshold indicated hereunder are not automatically rejected; if they are pre-selected they will be asked to take an English language assessment test with the EUI.
  • Candidates who are unable to provide a certificate by the deadline must attach a personal declaration to the application form stating the reason for this. Where the certificate of English proficiency is missing and the candidates are pre-selected, they will be asked to take an English language assessment test with the EUI.

Note on EUI English language assessment tests: If the results of the test fall below the expected level of English proficiency, the candidate may nevertheless be conditionally admitted, but will have to follow English Academic Literacies courses during the programme. The candidate may also be required to follow further English language courses before starting their studies at the EUI.

The following international certificates of English proficiency are recognised by the EUI:

Type of certificateExpected test score, MRes Programme
IELTSFrom 7.0
TOEFL (IBT)*From 100
Cambridge ProficiencyA/B/C
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)A/B/C

*EUI code 9408 - including special TOEFL Home Edition Test.

The certificate of English proficiency must be attached to the candidate’s application form and submitted by the deadline.

Required Documents

Before starting your online submission, prepare the required documents:

  • one or two page CV. You are encouraged not to include any picture in your CV.
  • Statement of purpose/personal statement (maximum 700 words): Your statement should be written in English and explain your motivation for applying for the Master of Research at the EUI, also briefly mentioning your relevant experience/education, and the intended areas of research
  • Degree transcript(s): Issued by your university listing the exams/courses taken at university, grades/marks awarded and (if applicable) the final degree result. You should also attach your degree transcript(s) from previous degree(s). Do not attach or send supplementary documents that are not strictly requested, such as traineeships diplomas etc.
  • International English language certificate (See above).
  • Copy of an identity document (such as passport or ID card) - JPG format: If you hold dual nationality, you should attach the copy of a second passport/ID card proving your second nationality. The copy of your ID document(s) will be only processed by the EUI Administration it will not be distributed to the EUI Departmental selection committee.
  • GRE (EUI code 7395 - departmental code 1801): The Department of Economics requires candidates to provide a GRE Test Score. Candidates should directly upload their GRE Examinee Score Report/GRE Test Taker Score Report to the online application form (PDF).  Home Edition GRE Test is acceptable. Candidates who are not in a position to submit a GRE test score for extenuating circumstances should submit a declaration (PDF) explaining their circumstances (they should do so using the GRE upload section of the online application form). 

Note that attachments must be PDF using standard international fonts (max size 1MB), If not otherwise indicated. Do NOT use macros, special characters, password-protected attachments, electronic signatures. The EUI reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the certificates you provide with the competent issuing authorities.

Information about References Letters

Applicants should register two academic referees in the online application form and ensure that their reference letters are submitted online (directly by the referees) by the applications deadline. References will not be accepted after the deadline.


Note for Candidates

Your referees will be contacted and will be allowed to submit the reference only after you have completed and registered the first step of the online application form including the names and contact details of referees. In order to receive the references in time by the deadline, you should register the referee details as soon as possible. This is possible any time and you do not yet need to submit the final version of your application at that time.

When you register your referees' contact details in the online application form, an email requesting a reference on your behalf - featuring an online submission link and relevant instructions - is automatically sent to the referees. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to contact referees directly to inform them of your request, to verify that they have received the email request and to ensure that they submit the reference by the deadline. You can check the status of submission of each reference letter directly on the online application form. Referees are not able to consult your online application details (except your name and the programme you applied for). Reference letters can be submitted by the registered referees (before the deadline) even after you have submitted your application.

References should be submitted by academic referees (ie: Professors, Lecturers etc.) who are in a position to give an academic evaluation of your research, intellectual qualities, ability and potential. For the MRes Programme, letters from professional referees who are in a position to provide an academic reference letter (as described above) may be accepted.

Letters of reference from current full-time or part-time EUI professors are not accepted except:

  • where the application is from a researcher already registered for an EUI degree (i.e. transfer from LL.M. to PhD)
  • where the professor is a member of a different EUI department to the one where the candidate is applying, and who is able to comment on the academic qualities of the candidate


Note for Referees

At the moment when the candidate has registered the referee details, you as the referee will receive an automated e-mail with access details for submitting your reference letter through a dedicated online portal. The system guarantees full confidentiality of the documents submitted which are not accessible to candidates. Candidates can however directly verify the status of the submission of the reference letter on their application form.

  • You should give your opinion of the candidate's intellectual ability, knowledge in his/her field, motivation for research, capacity to work in a group, oral and written expression.
  • Please note that only PDF documents (maximum file size limit is 2.00 MB) can be submitted. Please do not send password protected or secured files.
  • You may use your own reference format.
  • Do not send a hard copy.
  • You may write in a language other than English, but English will guarantee the widest possible reading.

If you have any problems submitting the file or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at the following dedicated e-mail address: [email protected]

References are accepted until the applications deadline. Kindly note that the EUI encourages candidates to apply and register their referees as early as possible: the EUI post-graduate application process is open from early November.

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