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Microeconomics Seminars

Our seminars are held by world-famous scholars from around the globe

Current Microeconomics Seminars (2022-2023)

Microeconomics seminars take place on Tuesdays from 14:00 to 15:15, unless otherwise specified.

Term 1

06 December 2022
Presenter: David Pearce, New York University

13 December 2022
Presenter: TBC

Term 2

31 January 2023
Presenter: Jeanne Hagenbach, Science Po

07 February 2023
Presenter: Larbi Alaoui, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

07 March 2023
Presenter: Juan Dubra, Universidad de Montevideo

Term 3

04 April 2023
Presenter: Ran Spiegler, University College London

02 May 2023
Presenter: Balázs Szentes, London School of Economics

13 June 2023
Presenter: Rady Sven, Bonn University


For the schedule, please consult this page.

Term 1

05 October 2021 - Online
Presenter: Mira Frick, Yale University
Title: Learning Efficiency of Multi-Agent Information Structures

12 October 2021- VLF
Presenter: Erik Snowberg, British Columbia
Title: "An Organizational Theory of State Capacity"

19 October 2021
Presenter: Anne-Katrin Roesler, University of Toronto
Title: “Multi-dimensional screening: buyer-optimal learning and Informational robustness”

26 October 2021 - Tuesday, at 17:00 until 18:15
Presenter: Shoshana Vasserman, Stanford Graduate School of Business

9 November 2021 -HYBRID- Within the Micro Working Group
Presenter: Weiwei Zheng
Title: "Competition with Indivisibilities and Few Traders" (with Cesar Martinelli and Jianxin Wang)

16 November 2021 -HYBRID- Within the Micro Working Group
Presenter: Natalie Kessler
Title: "Optimal Lending by Stress-Tested Banks"

30 November 2021
Presenter: Kareen Rozen, Brown University
Title: "Communication, Perception and Strategic Obfuscation"

07 December 2021 -HYBRID- Within the Micro Working Group
Presenter: Zeinab Aboutalebi, EUI

Term 2

01 February 2022
Presenter: Alex Gershkov, University of Surrey/ Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: "Winners and Losers in Priority Services"

8 February 2022 - Maybe online
Presenter: Marzena Rostek, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: "Decentralized-Market Design"

22 February 2022 - Maybe online
Presenter: Navin Kartik, Columbia University
Title: "Observational Learning with Ordered States"

08 March 2022
Presenter: Jakub Steiner, University of Zurich
Title: "Consumer Surplus in the Dark"

22 March 2022
Presenter: Fabio Maccheroni, Bocconi University
Title: "Time-Constrained Sequential Neural Decision Procedures in Multialternative Choice Problems"

Term 3

05 April 2022
Presenter: Ricardo Alonso, LSE
Title: "Media Capture by Competing Interest Groups"

03 May 2022
Presenter: Nenad Kos, Bocconi University
Title: "Epidemics with Behavior"

31 May 2022
Presenter: Catherine Bobtcheff, PSE
Title: "Negative results in science: Blessing or (winner's) curse?"

7 June 2022
Presenter: Nageeb Ali, Penn State University
Title: "Agenda Control in Real Time”

14 June 2022
Presenter: Niko Matouschek, Northwestern University
Title: "Organizing Modular Production"

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