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Policy dialogues and executive training at the Robert Schuman Centre

The insights we gain with our research should reach the world outside, because they add value to the public debate and can help tackle societal challenges

Erik Jones


A core objective of the Schuman Centre’s mission is to engage actively with the world of practice through policy dialogue and executive training. The Schuman Centre transforms academic research into policy-relevant outputs, and applies the fruits of its research to the most critical challenges of our time. We organise workshops, seminars and restricted roundtables, as well as executive training courses where academics and policy-makers get together to exchange knowledge and build solutions to complex problems. Many of these events are organised in accordance with Chatham House rules to foster open discussion in an environment of trust.

A number of Schuman programmes have developed executive training courses in various niche areas, notably, banking and finance, digitalisation, regulation, journalism and the judicial sphere. Faculty is drawn from the EUI and across the world. The executive training courses are offered on a residential basis in Florence and online, with a growing number of hybrid formats. The courses target the needs of diplomats, policy-makers, practitioners from the private sector and international organisations, bankers, regulators, judges, journalists and researchers.

We regularly publish both Policy Papers and Policy Briefs. Policy Papers offer analysis and research results with a strong policy dimension, while Policy Briefs are shorter and focused on a key issue, distilling complex information into a concise and easy to access format. These publications provide insights into policy problems and policy recommendations and address an audience of decision-makers and other stakeholders beyond academia.

As part of our mission to link academia with the world of policy-making, the Centre often hosts EU and EP Fellows on campus. During their time with us, the senior European officials carry out research relevant to their work, and benefit from and contribute to our vibrant academic community. The Centre also welcomes practitioners from international organisations. 

Finally, we encourage our professors and researchers to publish Op-Eds and Blogs which contribute to public debates on current affairs and policy developments at the EU and global level.

In 2021 the Schuman Centre and the whole EUI engaged in the public debate on the Future of Europe, promoted by the EU institutions. You can find out more at the link below.


EUI and the Conference on the Future of Europe EUI and the Conference on the Future of Europe


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