Master in Transnational Governance
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Master in Transnational Governance

Empowering future leaders to solve transnational problems.

We will support you in acquiring the tools, the knowledge, and the network, to design new responses to the unprecedented challenges our society will face during the next decade and beyond.




The curriculum enables students to design and implement innovative, effective, and sustainable public policy solutions for a globalised world.

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Student Experience

From dynamic classroom experience to exciting study abroad opportunities: discover the student life awaiting you at the School of Transnational Governance.

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We transform young talents into global policy leaders, ready for a transnational career.

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World-Leading Faculty Delivering a Dynamic Education

From former world leaders, to Nobel prize winners, to renowned academics, our outstanding faculty delivery a dynamic education designed to empower. Our classes are interactive and use many innovative teaching approaches to engage you through a range of activities and learning techniques. We are supported by our dedicated learning and teaching design team who help us to deliver a rewarding student experience.

Meet our faculty

photo of Zakaria al shmaly interview

My experience at the STG

"Studying transnational governance helped me decide on a career path by giving me the opportunity to engage with EU institutions in both Brussels (European Parliament) and Florence (Conference on the Future of Europe’s citizen’s assembly) while learning from the best professors and practitioners in the field. The master's programme is a fertile ground to grow as an independent researcher with a deep understanding of transnational and institutional dynamics, and as a policy innovator engaged in academia through the various conferences and trainings. Most importantly, it made me fall in love with a research topic and start a PhD upon completion, which is something I could have never imagined coming into the STG.”


Zakaria Al Shmaly, Doctoral Fellow, United Nations University

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As patrons of our School’s Masters' students, their example shall provide orientation to our Faculty, students and the entire community.

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The EUI is among 24 Italian universities who have signed on to the UNHCR project ‘Corridors for Refugees’ (UNICORE).

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