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Decolonising seminar reading lists


The aim of the sub-project is to open a dialogue with the EUI community, in particular the professors, about how to decolonise seminar reading lists. Reading lists are an essential tool for teaching and knowledge production; as such, they may contribute to equality and diversity in the curriculum when the selected readings provide different narratives to the students. Other academic institutions have engaged in such process and we therefore believe that such an initiative should be started at the EUI.



The project will start in the HEC department. We will first discuss with professors to understand how they approach this question and what strategy they use when constructing their reading lists and, together, identify what could be improved. Based on the experiences and recommendations in other academic institutions, we will then elaborate a list of good practice as well as different resources aimed at decolonising seminar reading lists. In this process, we plan to include the library staff.


Expected outcomes

  • Bringing awareness to the necessity of providing a diversity of opinions and narratives in the reading lists
  • Based on discussion with the teaching staff, providing strategies and resources to practically decolonise a reading list.
  • After the experience in the HEC department, go to the other departments

Page last updated on 01/04/2022

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