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Disability Working Group

Addressing disability and specific educational needs, advocating for improved accessibility within premises, facilities, and services.

The Disability Working Group is an advisory body that examines questions and problems linked to disability and specific educational needs and advances proposals to the management team in order to increase accessibility to the EUI premises, facilities and services.  

The WG, established by the Office of the Secretary General in 2013-2014, includes staff members with hands-on experience and who represent key support services such as (Academic Service; Human Resources; ICT; the Library; Real Estate and Facilities; the web team, and the coordinator of the Office of the Secretary General) as well as students’, researchers’ and post-doc fellows’  representatives.  

The WG is chaired by the academic administrator of the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies responsible for the coordination and  implementation of the policy for early-stage researchers and students.  

EUI members are welcome to contact the members of the WG if they have concerns or suggestions that the WG can pass on to the policymakers at the EUI.


Staff members 

PhD researchers

To be appointed:

  • Postdoctoral fellows representative
  • STG Master students representative

Page last updated on 24/06/2024

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