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Finding Joy and Productivity in Academic Writing


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    Carol Kiriakos

    Psychological coaching for writers


This workshop offers valuable perspectives on academic writing as a daily practice.

The focus is on how to get writing done, not on properties of academic texts or the publication process. We will develop an inclusive understanding of academic writing as a central aspect of academic work, and the practical and psychological aspects relevant for writing well and being productive. In addition, the course offers an opportunity to develop meta-skills that are useful in studies and working life more generally. These are skills such as self-management, and a reflective approach to your own working habits.

Insights from creative writing, behavioral psychology and other relevant fields are utilized and applied in order to understand academic writing comprehensively. The topics covered include: Basics of the writing process and creating a productive writing habit, writing time management, and overcoming practical or emotional writing problems.

The goal is to help you understand academic writing as a comprehensive activity, identify your strengths and weaknesses as an academic writer, and plan your writing effectively.

How This Course Will Work

The workshop is held in the classroom and runs over two half days: a total of 7 hours are divided into 3,5 hours per day including a 30-minute break. It consists of lectures, individual and pair exercises, and group discussions.

What You Will Learn

The workshop will give you tools for

  • Adopting a comprehensive understanding of academic writing as a process
  • Creating a writing habit and setting realistic writing goals
  • Managing the time you use for your academic writing, work, and studies
  • Recognizing your personal challenges and strengths as a writer
  • Overcoming writing difficulties, such as writer’s block and procrastination

What other participants found useful in this workshop

  • Tips for how to structure my writing
  • Reflecting on my writing habits/style
  • Tools and tips on how to manage long and short-term goals and introduction of daily habits
  • Discussion with my colleagues and knowing that others struggle with the same issues
  • Writing exercises such as freewriting
  • Very good take-home messages that can really influence your subjective wellbeing during the writting process.


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