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Exchange Programmes

International exchange opportunities for EUI doctoral researchers

Exchange agreements are developed by External Relations and the Academic Service to facilitate exchanges in specific academic disciplines. As such, the options available to EUI doctoral researchers will depend on the relevant academic unit. Please click on the relevant link above to access a list of all the available exchange destinations within the relevant department.

The list of partner institutions per academic department provides information about the exchange programme (Erasmus+ or bilateral) and the funding available for selected exchange students.

Duration and period of exchange

EUI researchers undertaking a period of exchange are normally admitted to the partner institution for a period of three to five months. It is generally possible to undertake the exchange either in the fall, winter or summer semester, depending on the host institution. EUI researchers applying for exchange at a partner institution will need to indicate in their application form which period they would wish to study at the partner institution and how this fits into the general timing of their research.

Exchange programmes and access to funding

Access to funding for EUI researchers nominated for exchange will depend on which institution the exchange will be undertaken at and which programme the exchange is accommodated through.

Exchanges in the European Union

Exchanges undertaken at partner institutions in the EU are normally accommodated through the Erasmus+ programme, which is the European Commission’s flagship programme for international student and staff mobility. Researchers nominated for exchange at an Erasmus+ partner institution are normally eligible for an Erasmus+ grant to help cover some of the additional costs associated with an exchange (accommodation, subsistence). Please refer to the Erasmus+ programme section for more information about the funding available and the eligibility criteria.

Exchanges in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom will not participate in the new Erasmus+ programme (2021 – 2027). However, there may be funding available through Erasmus+ to fund mobilities to institutions located in countries not associated with the Erasmus+ programme, including the UK. Once funding arrangements have been confirmed, researchers nominated for exchange in the UK will be notified directly by the EUI International Mobility Officer of the funding availability.

Exchanges in Switzerland

Exchanges undertaken at partner institutions in Switzerland are normally accommodated through the Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Researchers nominated for exchange in Switzerland may be eligible for a grant through the Swiss European Mobility Programme. Those undertaking an exchange at a Swiss partner institution will be notified directly of the funding arrangements in place and, if eligible, will be in receipt of a SEMP grant directly from the host institution. SEMP grant rates tend to be similar to those paid through Erasmus+.

Exchanges in the USA

The EUI has established bilateral exchange agreements with a selection of US institutions, offering EUI researchers the opportunity to attend these institutions as visiting exchange students. Researchers selected for exchange to one of the EUI’s partner institutions in the US benefit from a tuition fee waiver, but other costs may apply, including campus fees, registration fees, application fees and insurance fees.

In order to help defray some of these costs, the EUI allocates twelve subsistence grants each year – three grants per department. Researchers nominated for an exchange to a US institution may be eligible for a lump sum grant, of 4000 EUR, towards their expenses. Grants are awarded on the basis of the quality of the application, according to the ranking obtained in the selection process carried out by the academic departments. The host university can be either a partner or a non-partner university. The EUI grants are not compatible with other grants that researchers may have received for the exchange, such as Fulbright grants.

Exchanges outside Europe/the USA

In addition to its partner institutions in Europe and the US, the EUI also has some bilateral exchange agreements with partners in Russia and China. Researchers going on exchange to partner institutions outside of Europe/the USA benefit from a tuition fee waiver but are normally not eligible for any funding to help cover the cost associated with the exchange.

Study periods at institutions not included in the Exchange Programme

Researchers wishing to attend an institution not included in the Exchange Programme (i.e. University of California at Berkeley) may do so but should apply independently or via their department.

The department must approve the stay and visits of more than one month also require approval by the Entrance Board. Requests for undertaking such visits must include a letter of invitation from the host institution, contact details and a letter of support from the researcher's supervisor in addition to the standard letter of intent and CV.

Researchers should be aware that if they are accepted as a visiting student by another institution, the latter may charge tuition and/or registration fees. The payment of these fees is not covered by the EUI.

Page last updated on 18/09/2023

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