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Opening the future: a new model for Open Access books

We are pleased to announce that the Library has joined ‘Opening the Future’/ Central European University (CEU) Press. This action both increases our collection and supports Open Access.

16 July 2021

eBook on shelf

In an effort to increase collections and support Open Access (OA), the Library has joined Opening the Future/ Central European University (CEU) Press. This initiative is in line with other international movements aimed towards making the quality scholarship found in journals and books available in OA for wider dissemination.

The participating libraries’ package fees supporting the initiative will finance future OA books, thus making them available to readers around the world. Opening the Future represents a valid alternative to charging authors for OA. 

The first OA book, to be published next autumn, is Dr Tomasz Kamusella's book Words in space and time: Historical atlas of language politics in modern central Europe. The work offers novel insights into the history and mechanics of Central Europe’s languages as products of human history and a part of culture. It includes forty-two annotated and interactive maps.

In addition to Opening the Future, the Library is already a party to three major Transformative Read & Publish Agreements with Cambridge University Press, Springer, and Wiley. These agreements waive open access fees for more than 3700 journals. We encourage all EUI article authors to take advantage of these agreements. 


Last update: 26 January 2022

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