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Publish Open Access with a Publisher

You can publish your article directly in an Open Access journal or in a 'hybrid' journal with an OA option (or publish an Open Access book) with the gold Open Access road. This option usually involves quite a high cost for the author.  

The EUI Library supports the members of the EUI academic community in their efforts to publish Open Access through 'transformative' agreements' with publishers, waiving the publishing fee for EUI authors.

The Library also has a special fund for fair Open Science initiatives aiming at supporting no-profit forms of OA. 


Transformative Agreements

The transformative agreements, valid between 3 and 5 years, can waive the Open Access publishing fees usually charged to the author in 8,675 journal titles published by Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Springer and Wiley. 
The agreements described below allow EUI corresponding authors to publish their journal articles in Open Access without paying any Article Processing Charge (APC).
Books in Open Access and the Book Processing Charge (BPC) fees are not covered by the agreements.

Tips and information

  • Sherpa-Romeo informs you what your rights are to Green Open Access, i.e. making your Research output available in Open Access in a repository.

  • You know your journal of interest but not if it is published by CUP, Elsevier, Springer or Wiley? Search the journal title in Sherpa and know immediately the publisher, or browse the journal lists by publisher!   

Cambridge University Press: 2023-2025

Publish your article Open Access for free in 411 journals 

  • Coverage: All CUP Journals full collection - CUP journal list (Read & Publish agreement)
  • Duration:  3 year contract 2023-2025 (renewal of the first contract 1.01.2020-31.12.2022).
  • The Open Access option and fee waiver is done after peer-review and after acceptance of the article
  • Eligibility for the agreement is based on where the work and research for a manuscript took place. Therefore former EUI members can indicate EUI as affiliation if their article is based on research that they carried out at the EUI.
  • Standard option licence is CC BY 4.0

More details on the CUP read & publish agreement for Italy CRUI

CUP OA Publishing Guide

Find out if you are eligible via the new eligibility checker tool

More information: EUI Open Science Office at [email protected] or CUP at [email protected]

Springer: 2020-2024

Publish your article Open Access for free in 2,045 journals

Wiley: 2024-2027

Publish your article Open Access for free in 3,811 journals

  • Type of agreement: full publishing fees waived for EUI member corresponding authors when opting for Open Access
  • Coverage: Wiley Hybrid Journals (Wiley online library 'Database model' and Wiley collection) and Gold Open Access journals. Forthcoming: Hindawi titles
  • Duration of contract: 4 years 1 January 2024- 31 December 2027. Old contract 2020 to 2023. Renewal approved by CRUI on 17 April 2024, and EUI signed. Validity of agreement is pending but Open Access will be retroactively possible and APCs waived. Until agreement is valid, EUI authors should opt for subscription access.
  • Eligible Articles: primary research or research article accepted for publication in 1,353 journal titles (article approval date)
  • Authors should use their EUI email, and pick the EUI as affiliation (from the Ringgold database) and their ORCID in the workflow. Former EUI members can indicate EUI as affiliation if their article is based on research that they carried out at the EUI.
  • Licence: Authors retain their copyright and grant Wiley the right to publish under a Creative Commons CC-BY as the only option.
  • Guide for authors (available in En and It)
  • Contact: EUI Open Science Office at [email protected]
  • or Author support or Wiley at [email protected] 

Elsevier: 2023-2027

Publish your article Open Access for free in 2408 journals

2408 of titles eligible for free OA publishing: 1813 hybrid titles and 595 gold OA titles.  1200 journal titles added in January 2024. 

  • Type of agreement:  transformative agreement with Elsevier (via CRUI )allowing for APCs to be waived

  • NEW Freedom collection: 1813 Hybrid titles, including four Subject collections (629 titles):

  1. Business, Management and Accounting,

  2. Economics, Econometrics and Finance

  3. Environmental Science, and

  4. Social Sciences

  • 595 Gold OA titles: pilot for the first two years of the agreement (2023-2024). Update on14 May 2024: The publisher has announced the depletion of the fund related to publications on full open access journals by the end May 2024, i.e. no more APC waivers. To be confirmed.

  • Full list of journal titles

  • Coverage: articles published in the first months of 2023 are eligible for APC waiver, from 1 January 2023

  • Duration: 1 January 2023- 31 December 2027 (5 years)

  • Contact: EUI Open Science Office at [email protected] or Elsevier at

    [email protected]

Special Institutional Agreements and Memberships

The Cogitatio agreement is indvidual between the EUI Library and the publisher. The EUI membership agreements with ECPR OA journal and Springer IMISCOE Book series offer interesting Open Access options for EUI authors.

Cogitatio Press: Publish Open Access for free in four journals

Cogitatio is a publisher based in Lisbon, Portugal, with the aim of promoting open access divulgation of scientific knowledge. It has four open access peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Media and Communication (ISSN: 2183-2439)
  2. Politics and Governance (ISSN: 2183-2463)
  3. Social Inclusion (ISSN: 2183-2803)
  4. Urban Planning (ISSN: 2183-7635)
  • More information about the journals
  • Type of agreement: full publishing fees waived for EUI member corresponding authors when opting for Open Access
  • Duration: 3 years - 20 July 2021- 31 December 2024
  • More information about the Cogitatio membership 
  • Licence: Creative Commons license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY), guaranteeing that authors retain the copyrights of their work and can freely use, reuse and share their articles. Cogitatio allows authors to post their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their website) without any embargo period, and is ranked as a Green Publisher by SHERPA/RoMEO.
  • Cogitatio endorses the Codes of Conduct established by the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Political Research Exchange (PRX) OA Journal

  • PRX is the ECPR's first Open Access journal and offers a dynamic platform to advance research, innovation and debate across the breadth of political science.
  • Waivers are available for authors affiliated with ECPR member institutions – like EUI. Please contact [email protected] to find out how to obtain this discount. Please note that discounts must be applied at the Charges stage of the submission process! Please note that waivers must be requested prior to submission. More information

 IMISCOE (Springer) OA Books

  • Book Processing Charge (BPC) discounted for publishing a book Open Access
  • IMISCOE offers special conditions for authors from IMISCOE member institutes, providing subsidyies the OA fee. 
  • IMISCOE offers a full OA fee waiver for the winner of the Maria Ioannis Baganha Distinguished Dissertation Annual Award. 
  • More on the conditions here

De Gruyter Subscribe to Open (S2O) 

  • Subscribe to Open is a sustainable and equitable approach to transitioning subscription-based journals into open access, one year at a time. It utilizes existing library relationships and subscription processes, without imposing any publication fees on authors.
  • The S2O portfolio comprises 16 (German) journal titles where EUI members have access to free open access publishing
  • More information and complete list of journal titles 

Funding for Article Processing Charges (APC)

The EUI funding for Article Processing Charges (APC), that started as a pilot in 2022, has been interrupted with a decision of the EUI Executive Committee (EC) of 14 June 2023 (Minutes for 14 June were adopted on the EC of 28 June 2023, not yet available online). 

The text below is for reference only:

The EUI does not encourage this option as the first open access choice for authors.

Authors can apply for funding in the rare cases where research output cannot be made available in Open Access through the repository road, an existing Transformative Agreement, or rely on funding from external grants.

EUI's funding for Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Book Processing Charges (BPCs)' started in 2022 and is managed by the Library.

The academic units shall participate with at least 50% for each APC that is funded.

EUI Corresponding authors should apply by using the Application Form for EUI funding for APCs.

Library Recommendations to Authors

      These recommendations - in line with the EUI OA Policy - aim at guiding EUI authors how to best publish their work in Open Access: 
  • Publish ‘Green Open Access’ where possible: archive/upload in Cadmus or subject repository.
  • Use the Library’s Transformative Agreements’ APC waiver where available: the Library has agreements with CUP, Wiley and Springer, and soon Elsevier
  • Funding for the APCs at the EUI should be applied for / used where there is no Transformative Agreement that can cover the APC.
  • Consider using any other minor Library agreement with smaller publishers (eg. Cogitatio), as they also represent diversity (for example language and / or country of origin).
  • EUI authors with external funding may consider to include APCs in the project budget, in some cases they must do so for example with European grants.

Workflow and Criteria

The author applies to the academic unit (department, programme, school or centre) for the APC to be covered by 50%. If funding is approved by the unit the request is sent to the Library’s Open Science office for a second assessment for the remaining 50%. Use the form to apply.


1. The EUI corresponding author requests the APC to be covered to the academic unit



The application should contain


It should contain an indication of why the publication merits EUI Open Access funding. To this purpose, the application should explain the value of promoting the publication to audience that may not have access to subscriptions with publishers, for example, for publications that may be particularly relevant for policy and would thus merit the largest visibility and accessibility.


  • Publisher and Title of the Journal
  • Title of the Article and an Abstract and/or the submitted version of the article
  • Names of co-author(s) and their affiliation(s) 
  • If the EUI member has a double affiliation, this should be indicated, in order to avoid that there is another funding possibility through existing Transformative Agreements by the second affiliation
  • An estimate of the APC cost
  • Stating if there are possible Transformative agreements, or any other fund available for APCs



2. First assessment: The Unit approves or rejects the application for APC funding

If the request is approved, the unit indicates motivation of special merits of the article in terms of OA. 

  • Departments are free to identify their own criteria of OA assessment, providing indication to the Library. Departments may consider to assign priority to early career researchers’ applications.
  • Departments should co-fund the request by at least 50% of the OA funding request. This co-funding by the departments could be secured with the departmental general budget, and the applying author may contribute as well.
  • Where the request is approved, the EUI-APCs fund will cover the remaining faction of the APC


3. The unit forwards the request to the Library OS Office

  • The unit indicates the approval and amount of co-funding of the APC to [email protected]

4. Second assessment: The Library OS office approves or rejects the request of co-funding 

Criteria applied:

  • Articles associated with otherwise funded projects (i.e. papers that acknowledge other full funding for OA) cannot receive EUI APC funding. 
  • The applicant must be the corresponding author and indicate affiliation to the EUI in the publication.
  • The applicant is a current EUI member, or the accepted article is based on research carried out at the EUI.
  • The journal should not be predatory.
  • The publication should be peer-reviewed.
  • APC fees should not exceed a ‘normal’ fee (the average APC is approx. 2500 €). For 2022 a maximum refundable amount of an APC with the EUI-APCs fund is set to € 4000.
  • No other funding possibility through existing Transformative Agreements by the second affiliation should be available.
  • Only APC for OA publishing is fundable. No submission fees or production-related fees, or other editing related costs, are fundable.




Page last updated on 14 May 2024

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