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New publication on European federalism based on archival research

Posted on 09 November 2020

The book Europa ist für alle da! Vom Homo sapiens zum Homo Europaeus by Heinrich Kümmerle, chairman of the federalist association Europa-Union Heilbronn (EUHN), was recently published and is based on the consultation of primary sources deposited at the HAEU.

This book brings together Heinrich Kümmerle’s lectures and reflections on Europe and the European idea. The aim is to convince his fellow citizens of Europe and to gain their commitment to European unity. It also intends to provide academics with insight into the thoughts and ideals of federalists, and knowledge on the history and achievements of the European federalist movement.

Heinrich Kümmerle is the chairman of the German district federalist association (Kreisverband) Europa-Union Heilbronn (EUHN) since 2005. The EUHN, together with its regional umbrella association (Landesverband) Europa-Union Baden-Württemberg (EUBW), have deposited their archives at the HAEU back in September 2019.

Consisting of 280 files, these Europa-Union archives are currently undergoing archival treatment and will be made available for consultation upon completion of the archival processing and inventorying in 2021. The materials will considerably enrich the current federalist archives deposited in Florence, including those of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), the European Movement (ME), the Young European Federalists (JEF), and other pro-European associations and organisations.

Find out more about the book and the European federalist movement in Germany.

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