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Manage your Research Data


Research Data Management (RDM) ensures that research data are curated effectively in all phases of research: from their creation and/or collection to the moment they are finalized and possibly shared for their reuse.


Manging research data effectively is an active component of Responsible Research & Open Science and ensures their broadest impact as scholarly outputs.

Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are short documents, normally required by science funding agencies. DMPs should address:

  • How data is generated and/or sourced
  • How data is used, elaborated and organised
  • How data, and data subjects, are protected
  • How data, code and ancillary elements are described and documented
  • How data is stored and secured, and how long it will be retained
  • How dataset authorship and credit are assigned
  • How data is preserved
  • How, whether, and under what terms, research data outputs can be shared.

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Managing data during the project cycle

Data should be carefully managed throughout the duration of the research project. Particular attention should be given to:

  • Data input and quality control
  • Folders, files, variables, format and versioning
  • Documentation and codebooks
  • Security and backup during the research project
  • Data protection, informed consent of data subjects and anonymisation

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Research data preservation and sharing

EUI members can preserve and share their research data outputs by submitting them for reposit in the EUI Research Data Collection of the Cadmus repository. Careful attention should be given to:

  • Preparing data for reposit
  • Completing the dataset submission form
  • Preparing the metadata descritpion

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Research data in EU funded projects

EUI project managers who are preparing EU Horizon Europe (2021-2027) applications are required to submit preliminary information about data management in the proposed project. Project managers should address:

  • What types of data will the project generate/collect?
  • What standards will be used?
  • How will the data be exploited and/or shared for verification and re-use?
  • If data cannot be made available, explain why
  • How will the data be curated and preserved?

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Page last updated on 29 April 2022

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