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Subsidies for Published EUI Theses

Requests for publication subsidies by EUI researchers and former researchers must be submitted to the appropriate department.

The subsidy can be requested for the editing, translating or indexing of the manuscript, or for the reproduction of photos, but not for printing costs.


Formal Requirements for Requesting a Subsidy  

If the subsidy request relates to the commercial publication of an EUI thesis, a written request must be sent to the Department within 2 years after the thesis defence.

The dossier should contain the following information:

Documentation Provided by the Department

  1. The thesis Manuscript Evaluation Form, filled out by the President of the Examining Board after the thesis defence
  2. The Final Evaluation Report on the thesis

Documentation Provided by the Applicant

  1. A concrete proposal (this can also be a contract) from a reputable publisher in the field to publish the manuscript, including any available review on the manuscript, the estimated costs, and timeframe for publication
  2. Justification for the subsidy request, i.e. letter explaining the need for a subsidy

Procedure for Awarding the Subsidy

  1. Once published, an original invoice specifying the work done (i.e. editing, indexing) must be sent to the Department
  2. Two copies of the book should be sent to the Department, which then forwards them to the Library. The copies can be either print or electronic versions and must be accessible to EUI Library users
  3. The subsidy will only be paid if the following have been inserted into the published book:
  • Logo and full name of EUI
  • Sentence mentioning the EUI subsidy "This book has been published with a financial subsidy from the European University Institute" or "Ouvrage publié avec le concours de l'Institut Universitarie Européen"
  • Sentence stating that the publication is based on an EUI thesis defended at the EUI, Department and year (e.g. "This publication is based on, or is a revised version of, an EUI PhD or LLM thesis")

Requests related to publication delays or any change in the title of the book must be submitted to the Department.

Specific information on theses subsidies from the Department of History and Civilisation


Page last updated on 20 December 2023

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