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EUI myPrint Portal

The EUI myPrint portal, powered by Ricoh, is part of the Printing Services experience and provides the following:

The portal is accessible by all EUI members, without prior registration, as well as by guests to the EUI, upon registering first.



Accessing EUI myPrint Portal

Simply point your browser to the following URL:


For your convenience, the portal is reachable as well from the Quick Links  of  ICT Service's homepage.

EUI Members may login straight away by using their EUI credentials (e.g. jsmith).


Guests to the EUI (including Library Guest Readers), and AEL Summer School Students need to register first (see next section)!

Registering an EUI myPrint Account

Before being able to access the portal, Guests to the EUI (including Library Guest Readers) and AEL Summer School Students need to register first in order to create a so-called EUI myPrint account.

Detailed instructions on how to create such account can be found here.


Web Printing

From the portalá Home, click on Choose File and select the file you want to print.

You can change printing settings by choosing among Color or Black and White, Simplex (one page) or Duplex (front and rear printing), Staple On or Off and of course amount of Copies to be print.

Web Printing works from any location: print from home, pick up at work!

Configuring Email Addresses

Through the portal, up to 5 email addresses can be authorised for Email Printing from one's acccount (thus "sharing" one's Print Quota). 

The email address which is allowed by default for email printing is:

  • for EUI members, the one associated to the EUI account used to log into the portal (e.g. [email protected] for username jsmith)
  • for Guests to the EUI and AEL Summwer Students, the one used to register the EUI myPrint account

In order to manage (add/remove) email addresses, follow these steps:

  • Click on MyProfile (top right of the portal)
  • Click on Manage email addresses
  • Add or Delete an email address
  • Click on Save to confirm

When adding an address, an automatic confirmation mail will be sent by the portal: please follow the instructions in order to confirm the entry.

From then onwards, any of the addedd email addresses will be enabled for Email Printing.

Detailed instructions on how to print via email can be found here .


Purchasing Print Quota

EUI members (EUI computing account holders, including Partners) as well as Guests (including Library Guest Users) and AEL Summer School Students can use the portal to purchase (additional) Print Quota (print credit) online and via credit card: the portal will redirect the transaction to EUI's secure ePayments system.

Once the transaction has been authorised by your bank/credit card and verified by the Institute's epayment system, the amount of quota will be added automatically to your balance.


Before placing an order, please make sure you are not entitled to extra print quota provided for by the ICT Service or your (sponsoring) Unit!


Academic and Administrative Staff should purchase extra quota only if:

  • you depleted your early allotted quota and you (received notice either from ICT Service or your Unit that you) are NOT entitled to any extra top up
  • you intend to purchase quota for private use

Before checking out, you will be reminded once more that the purchase is irreversible and you will be asked to accept the dislaimer.


AEL Summer School Students, Alumni, Fellows, Guests (including Library Guest Readers), Partners, Researchers, Retired Staff and Visiting: this is the quickest way to purchase print quota.

AEL Summer School Students and Guests (including Library Guest Users) can, alternatively, purchase print quota in cash at the dispenser behind the Library frontdesk at the Badia.

Alumni, Fellows, Partners, Researchers, Retired Staff and Visiting can, alternatively, purchase print quota in cash at the Bank in the bank corridor at the Badia.


Password Forgotten

Guests (including Library Guest Users) and AEL Summer School Students can reset their EUI myPrint account password by clicking on the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the portal's login page.

WARNING: this feature is NOT available to EUI Members: please contact the EUI Helpdesk should you have forgotten your password!


Page last updated on 01 December 2017