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Printing Services

Printing Services are offered to all EUI members as well as guests to the EUI via public MultiFunction Printers (MFP) or local (office) MFPs, all providing for copying, printing and scanning.

The service is run, maintained and supported by the Ricoh company through an on-premises technician (Print Support).

Please Note: the EUI Print Shop is managed by the Communications Service.





Colour MultiFunction Printers (MFP) allowing for printing, photocopying, scanning and optical character recognition (OCR), are installed all over the campus and can be accessed by anyone with a valid EUI account.

The system guarantees complete privacy as print-outs are released only upon authentication, which can be done by waving one's EUI card over the card reader or by inserting one's username and password directly on the touchscreen of the device. Print-outs can thus be collected from any public MFP (so-called "Follow-you" printing).

Every researcher, fellow, visitor and alumnus is allocated a sufficient amount of print quota per academic year (or monthly equivalent for shorter stays). Additional quota can be purchased at the user's expense.
Staff members have an unlimited amount of quota (although they may need to justify high volumes of copying/printing).
Other categories of users (guests, partners, etc.) can purchase quota based on their needs.

The print quota can be freely used to print and/or photocopy in any of the available formats (A4 and A3), both B/W and colour. The cost of each page is fixed and a result of a public tender.

Upon printing, the MFP will show the cost for each print-out on the display. The remaining print quota can be checked anytime by logging onto any MFP.

The quota is renewed at the start of every academic year. Any remaining quota from the previous year cannot be refunded, transferred nor carried over from one academic year to another with the exception of additionally purchased print credit (which will be carried over).

Scanning, including OCR, is free and does not count against the print quota. Please note however, that if you do not have any print credit left, you cannot scan.

From any EUI desktop computer, print to NetworkPrinter and collect print-outs on any public MFP.

Printing to MultiFunction Printers is possible from personally-owned laptops as well as mobile devices, just send an email with the document(s) you wish to print in attachment to [email protected] (please allow a few minutes for the system to analyse the attachment and apply proper printing settings).
Laptop owners who wish to have more control over the printing settings may install the printers' drivers and print to NetworkPrinter instead.

Printers are already installed on Windows-based EUI office and computer room desktop PCs.

On EUI laptops and/or personally-owned computers please follow the below instructions:

If you need assistance, please visit the Portable Device Support desk or contact the EUI Helpdesk.

Alumni, Fellows, Researchers and Visitors who want to top up their print credits:

Academic and Administrative Units which want to provide print credits to their staff (e.g. Researchers working on a specific research project):

Academic Staff Members who have exhausted their quota:

  • contact your unit's coordinator

Administrative Staff Members who have exhausted their quota:

Executive Training Students who want to purchase quota:

Guests, including Library Guest Readers, who want to purchase quota:

Partners of EUI members who want to purchase quota:

Retired Staff whishing to top up their yearly quota:

Summer School Students (currently AEL Participants ONLY) who want to purchase quota:

Trainees who have exhausted their quota:

  • contact your unit's coordinator

Upon registration and purchase of sufficient print credit (Print Quota), guests to the EUI (including Library Guest Readers) can:

Registration is done via EUI myPrint portal (for further details see how to register to the EUI myPrint Portal)

Print Quota can be purchased online via credit card through the same EUI myPrint portal (for further details see how to purchase print credit)

Please Note: it is not possible for Guests to scan documents from any printer!

For further details, check Printing for Guests.


Technical assistance for local and multifunction printers is provided by Print Support, staffed with a Ricoh technician available Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00. Additional on call support is provided during Library opening hours.

The Print Support is responsible for all Ricoh machines installed on the EUI premises, including the supply of consumables (except for paper), the allocation of printing rights and print quota.

The Print Support will diagnose and attempt to resolve any problems related to printing. If the diagnosed problem is a result of the PC, software or network, users will be redirected to the ICT User Support.

If assistance is needed, please open a Ticket on the EUI Helpdesk ( or call ext. 2600. Please Note: the EUI Helpdesk is operative from Monday to Friday 9.00-17.00.

The functioning and assistance of local and multifunction printers is guaranteed with the following operating systems only:

  • MS Windows 10 (all versions)
  • MS Windows 7 (all versions)
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Ubuntu 15.x or above

Please Note:  The use of operating systems other than those mentioned above is entirely at your own risk and will not be supported.



Page last updated on 22 December 2023

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