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How to Print to MFPs via myPrint

Ricoh myPrint is the easiest and quickest way to print in mobility using your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

myPrint is available to all EUI members as well as for guests to the EUI, upon registering first on the EUI myPrint portal.

myPrint is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and makes it easy to submit documents for printing via email, free App (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 10) or the web:



Email Printing

Printing can be as easy as sending an email:

  1. Write or forward an email to [email protected] with the document you want to print in attachment and make sure to send it from your EUI email address;
  2. Allow a few minutes for myPrint to analyse the attachment and apply proper printing settings;
  3. Retrieve the print job from any MultiFunction Printer.
Email Printing works from any location: print from home, pick up at work!

For each sent print job, at least two documents will be available in the print queue:

the body of the mail

the attached document

If more documents were attached or if the body of the mail contained signature images, additional print jobs will be found accordingly.

In order not to waste print quota, you may delete any unnecessary!


The attachment is sent to the printer "as is"; that is, a document with/in colour (e.g. a photo) will result in a colour print job: in order not to waste colour quota you may tap Force B/W on the printer's display before releasing the job!



App Printing

Ricoh myPrint is the ideal companion for your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and allows for the fine-tuning of printing settings like:

  • B/W or Colour
  • Duplex or Simplex
  • Stapling or Punching

Furthermore, via the App, you can add up to 5 additional email addresses, such as a personal GMail or Hotmail address, and link them to your EUI account to allow email printing from them as well!

The App is free and available for:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  • Windows 10 (including Mobile)


When starting the App for the first time, you will need to first configure it for the use with EUI's myPrint portal:

  1. make sure you are connected to the EUI-WiFi;
  2. go to any EUI public printer;
  3. tap Scan QR code on the App and scan the QR code placed on the left side of the front panel of the printer (you may need to allow the App to access your mobile's cam), followed by Continue;
  4. on the following screen, enter your EUI credentials (e.g. jsmith) if you are an EUI member or your EUI myPrint Account if you are a guest to the EUI.

Once properly configured, under Account settings you can add up to 5 additional email adresses from which to print from. Once set, a confirmation mail will be sent to any added email address to finalise registration.

Printing via Ricoh myPrint App works only on-campus while connected to the EUI-WiFi.


Web Printing

Print documents via web by uploading them into the EUI myPrint portal. Printing via web gives you control over the following settings as well:

  • B/W or Colour
  • Duplex or Simplex
  • Stapling or Punching


Differences between Email, App and Web Printing

Email Printing

  • no configuration needed (just write a new email, forward an existing email or share a document via email)
  • works off-campus
  • use whenever App is not available as printing device
  • no control over print settings (document printed "as is")
  • works only on public printers  [1]


App Printing

  • free muli-platform App (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 10)
  • fine-tune printing settings
  • allows configuration of multiple (personal) email accounts to be used with Email Printing
  • initial setup needed (download, install and configure App)
  • works only when connected to  EUI-WiFi
  • works only on public printers  [1]


Web Printing

  • works off-campus
  • fine-tune printing settings
  • allows configuration of multiple (personal) email accounts to be used with Email Printing
  • guests need to register first
  • interface not trimmed for small-sized screens
  • works only on public printers  [1]






[1] = to print on local (office) multifunction printers, use RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan instead, available for Android and iOS ONLY.



Page last updated on 01 December 2022

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