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Wireless Access for EUI Members (EUI-WiFi)


EUI's wireless network connection is called EUI-WiFi and is available ONLY to EUI members with a valid Computing Account (see Pre-requisites below):




  • You must be an EUI member with a valid Computing Account [1] [2] [3].
  • EUI-WiFi supports all 802.11b/g wireless cards (European radio standard) with 40- or 128-bit encryption key with WPA2 Encryption.
    Please Note: EUI-WiFi does NOT support 802.11a (U.S. radio standard).

Supported OS and Devices

EUI-WiFi has been tested working with all the EUI officialy supported Operating Systems.



Choose your OS/Device from the list below:


Connection Details

You can refer to EUI-WiFi's Connection Details in order to setup the network connection manually on OS or devices which are not supported and/or not documented.



If you require assistance setting up EUI-WiFi on your personal device, please contact Portable Device Support.

Please Note: assistance can be guaranteed to the above supported OS and devices ONLY! On unsupported OS and devices, assistance will be provided on "best effort" basis.






[1] = If you are a guest at the EUI you may request a Guest Account from your Departmental Assistant; or

[2]= If you are an external conference participant, please contact the conference organiser for details on connecting to EUI-Guest; or

[3]= If you are a visitor to the EUI and your home institution is a member of eduroam, you may connect to EUI's eduroam Network.



Page last updated on 09 March 2020

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