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Advanced English for Academic and Policy Writing

Advanced academic literacy with a disciplinary specialisation is essential for all postgraduate students and researchers. 

This course is designed to support you during your Masters studies at the EUI.

This course will help you to formulate the ideas and arguments you plan to use in your written assignments. You will learn to write clearly, elegantly, and in a register appropriate to Masters-level studies at the EUI. 

English 520

Effective Academic Writing 

STG Masters students


Spring session starts on 17 January



English 521

Master Project Writing 

STG Masters students



Spring session starts on 19 January


Place & Instructor



Jonathan Fitchett

Fergal Treanor




Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will

  • be able to build clear and elegant sentences in academic English 
  • be able to link sentences and paragraphs together to produce clear, reader-friendly texts
  • have an expanded repertoire of lexicogrammatical resources for academic expression in English
  • feel more confident about your control of accuracy when writing
  • be familiar with the conventions of register and style associated with academic genres in English.

Course contents

Course materials are provided by the EUI English Unit.



The course includes work on the following:

  • Writing academic papers
  • Choice-making in language use
  • Textual coherence and cohesion 
  • Formulating arguments
  • Data commentary
  • Building your repertoire of academic language

The instructor will analyse the class needs at the beginning of the course and will accordingly give more or less weight to the various areas above.

Learning methods and activities


The methodology draws on various traditions in writing instruction, but is heavily influenced by EAP, genre-based instruction, and Academic Literacies.

Activities in and out of class include:

  • readings
  • discussions
  • controlled exercises
  • independent writing

Work outside class will be kept to a minimum. If you wish for additional exercises, of course, your instructor will provide them for you.


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