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Public Speaking Workshop


Do you find speaking in front of an audience a terrifying prospect? Do you rise to the challenge but deliver through gritted teeth? Or do you enjoy every moment and shine like a Hollywood star? Rest assured even the most accomplished public speakers suffer from anxiety and nerves before stepping up to the podium and a few simple exercises and techniques can alleviate these issues. This workshop focuses on the use of an individual’s main presentation tools – the voice and body -  in the most efficient way possible to communicate and present yourself in an effective, engaging and dynamic way. 

How this course works

This workshop consists of 2 two-hour sessions.

Participants will cultivate the ability to reach the person farthest from them. This involves developing and projecting physical expression as well as speech. To do this, there will be voice and gentle physical exercises as well as individual, pair and group work to help participants be aware of their “instrument” and to strengthen their confidence in its use.

Techniques addressing issues related to relaxation, precise enunciation, breathing, physicality, movement and presence are just some of the elements of the course.

Test analysis will also be used to discover ways that seemingly unengaging material can be brought to life through physical and vocal expression.

There will also be an opportunity for self and peer appraisal, where participants can consider their own physical and vocal qualities and consider feedback in order to evolve their own, more effective public speaking approach.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • have a better awareness and improved control of personal communication and public speaking skills;
  • know how to keep an audience’s attention;
  • have an increased ability to perceive and read other people’s body language;
  • know how to promote themselves in a more positive way;
  • have a higher level of self-confidence when speaking in public;
  • have acquired body language skills that will improve their presence and charisma.

Page last updated on 23 October 2023

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